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  1. Ford Accelerates Carbon Fiber Research

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    FORD ACCELERATES CARBON FIBER RESEARCH TO DRIVE INNOVATION IN MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY Ford - Ford announces new collaboration with DowAksa and U.S. Department of Energy to develop manufacturing innovations in automotive-grade carbon fiber for use in future products - High-volume, low-cost...
  2. Ford Accelerates European Transformation

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Media One Ford plan focused on product, brand and costs to drive profitable growth in Europe Unprecedented new product acceleration will bring 15 global vehicles to Europe within five years, delivering a model lineup that is among the region’s freshest to drive revenue and margin...
  3. Ford accelerates plan to shrink number of global platforms

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford accelerates plan to shrink number of global platforms BY DAVID SHEPARDSON JANUARY 11, 2012 Detroit News Detroit— Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday it will shrink the number of its global platforms — a year ahead of schedule. Ford's global marketing and sales chief Jim Farley said the company...
  4. Ford Accelerates Intelligent Vehicle Research

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    FORD ACCELERATES INTELLIGENT VEHICLE RESEARCH, CREATING ‘TALKING’ VEHICLES TO MAKE ROADS SAFER Ford Press Release Ford is rapidly expanding its commitment to intelligent vehicles that wirelessly talk to each other, warning of potential dangers to enhance safety and flag impending traffic...
  5. Ford Introduces Product Upgrades For 2009 As Product Transformation Accelerates

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD INTRODUCES PRODUCT, POWERTRAIN UPGRADES FOR 2009 AS PRODUCT TRANSFORMATION ACCELERATES New Model Lineup: All-new 2009 Ford Flex crossover, Lincoln MKS luxury sedan, redesigned Escape compact utility and new F-150 lead major upgrades to Ford's new 2009-model lineup Better Fuel...
  6. Ford Accelerates Transformation Plan With Small Car Offensive

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD ACCELERATES TRANSFORMATION PLAN WITH SMALL CAR OFFENSIVE, MANUFACTURING REALIGNMENT Ford adding new fuel-efficient small cars and crossovers to North American product lineup Six European small vehicles coming to North America from global B-car and C-car platforms Three large truck and...