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  1. 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid vs Ford Fusion Hybrid

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    To read all about this comparison between the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid and to watch the accompanying video please visit
  2. Hybrid Sedan Comparison Test: Camry Hybrid vs Accord Hybrid vs Fusion Hybrid vs Jetta

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    Hybrid Sedan Comparison Test: Camry Hybrid vs. Accord Hybrid vs. Fusion Hybrid vs. Jetta Hybrid Tell someone you drive a hybrid and they will most likely assume there's a Toyota Prius parked out in your driveway. Generally, it's a safe assumption, as nearly 55 percent of the total hybrids sold...
  3. Accord and Nissan Bloated Inventories Over 60K

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    Honda Accord and Nissan both have daily inventories at over 60k units With the ramp up of Flat Rock, the Ford Fusion daily inventory continues to climb to better compete. As of today Fusion inventory is up to 43k units on sales of 21k, and current #1 selling Camry is at 47k on sales of 29k...
  4. 2013 Honda Accord Revealed With Smaller Size, More Room

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    Jason Siu Aug 08, 7:00 AM AutoGuide Calling it “the most sculpted Accord” ever, Honda has revealed the first official images of its 9th generation mid-size sedan. In a way it carries over the traditional Accord styling we have seen over the decades, but at the same time, ushers in a modern era...
  5. Ford's Not-so-subtle Dig At Camry, Accord

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    Ford throws no punches with the 2013 Fusion. January 12, 2012 By: Nick Saporito During the rather elaborate Ford press conference this week at the North American International Auto Show the company made its intentions clear. The press conference introduced the all-new...
  6. NAIAS 2012: Honda Accord Coupe Concept

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    2013 Honda Accord Coupe Concept Looks Very Familiar: 2012 Detroit Auto Show By: Colum Wood 10/01/2012 AutoGuide No one will accuse Honda of breaking the mold with the new Accord Coupe concept, revealed today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Then again, consistency is...
  7. Ford Fusion Overtakes Honda Accord In American Sales

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    Ford Fusion Overtakes Honda Accord In American Sales By Nauman Farooq June 27 2011 AutoGuide Ask anyone to name a mid-size sedan, and they would most probably mention the Toyota Camry or the Honda Accord. Both these cars sell in huge numbers and are a part of most suburban neighborhoods. But a...
  8. Geneva 2011: Euro Honda Accord facelift

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    Revised Honda Accord for Europe will debut in Geneva by Jeremy Korzeniewski Jan 26th 2011 Honda has announced that it will use the world stage of the Geneva Motor Show to pull the covers off its latest Accord sedan and wagon for Europe. Just to be clear, this car is very different...
  9. 2011 Honda Accord First Look

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    This is it, the midcycle refresh of the 2011 Honda Accord. When we saw prototypes running around Death Valley we figured it wouldn't be long before the production version showed up. Unfortunately, the upgrades on the 2011 Honda Accord coupe and sedan are a little more sedate than we expected...
  10. Comparison Test: 2010 Ford Taurus vs. 2009 Honda Accord

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    Courtesy of: If you understand the limitless desire of Americans for personal space, then you understand the thinking behind the 2010 Ford Taurus Limited and 2009 Honda Accord EX-L V6 with Navigation. Taurus and Accord may be iconic midsize-sedan nameplates, but now the badges...
  11. Insideline: 2010 Taurus SEL Better than Accord??

    Ford Car Discussion* First Impressions: The 2010 Ford Taurus differentiates itself from the interim Five Hundred-based Taurus with high style and high tech, but we're not yet convinced it's the flagship...
  12. Accord Outsells F150 in March 2008

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    <TABLE class=chart cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=550><TBODY><TR><TH class=chartTitle colSpan=5>Best Selling Vehicles for March</TH></TR><TR><TD class=divided>1</TD><TD class=divided>Honda</TD><TD class=divided>Accord</TD><TD class=divided>Midsize Car</TD><TD>36,161</TD></TR><TR class=alt><TD...
  13. Detroit News: Bigger, stylish Accord gets an outstanding makeover for 2008

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    Saturday, December 1, 2007 Review Bigger, stylish Accord gets an outstanding makeover for 2008 Richard Williamson / Scripps Howard News Service Don't be surprised if the new Honda Accord overtakes Toyota's Camry as the best selling car in 2008. The eighth generation is one of the best sedans...
  14. Honda Confirms 2009 Accord Diesel, CR-Z Hybrid for Production

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    DailyTech reported in early June that Honda's newly redesigned Accord would receive a diesel engine. Honda today confirmed that the 2009 Honda Accord would be available with an optional 2.2 liter i-CTDi 4-cylinder Tier 2 Bin 5 diesel engine. The diesel engine is reported to produce in excess of...
  15. CNN: GM drops Camry, Accord test drive program

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    GM drops Camry, Accord test drive program Customers were supposed to be able to test the new Malibu against Camry and Accord at dealerships. Program was working for Saturn, GM says. By Peter Valdes-Dapena, staff writer August 31 2007: 5:02 PM EDT NEW YORK ( --...
  16. Official 2008 Accord Pictures

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    Official 2008 Accord Pictures
  17. GMI Danimal30 Member Captures Accord Coupe

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    Story Link
  18. GMI: Accord Interior Pictures

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    GMI: Accord Interior Pictures GMI LINK
  19. Jalopnik: 2008 Honda Accord -- Spy Photos

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    Do you like it? Jalopnik Looks like Honda is willing to take styling risks
  20. New Accord diesel to hit 52 MPG

    Asian Competition British motoring mag Autocar is reporting that the new Accord diesel we recently told you about will get really good mileage. That might seem like a no-brainer, but when we say "really good," we mean it. Like more than 60 mpg really good...