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  1. China government approves Geely acquisition of Volvo from Ford

    European Competition
    BEIJING -- Geely Holding Group has received final Chinese government approval to acquire Volvo Cars from Ford Motor Co., the Commerce Ministry said Thursday. More...
  2. Autonews: GM says Chrysler acquisition talks are off

    General Motors Discussion
    GM says Chrysler acquisition talks are off BRADFORD WERNLE AUTOMOTIVE NEWS NOVEMBER 7, 2008 - 12:19 PM ET DETROIT -- General Motors is calling off talks with Cerberus Capital Management LP about a possible acquisition of Chrysler LLC. GM CEO Rick Wagoner, without naming Chrysler...
  3. Jaguar To Be Spun Off Immediately After Acquisition

    Ford Corporate News
    JAGUAR TO BE SPUN OFF BY TATA IMMEDIATELY AFTER ACQUISITION Jaguar's future may not be quite so certain after all. According to insider reports, as soon as Tata Motors of India acquires Jaguar from Ford, it will spin it off in order to just retain the true gem of the deal...Land Rover. So where...
  4. Fiat chief: Alfa Romeo could benefit from Tata-Jaguar acquisition

    European Competition
    If Ford dont retain a 20% ownership of Jaguar they will be shooting themselves in the foot more at the link