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  1. Ads Highlight Ford Remarkable Technologies

    Ford Corporate News COLOGNE, Germany, May 23, 2013 – Ford of Europe is leveraging the hugely popular 2013 UEFA Champions League Final football match on Saturday to launch a new brand...
  2. New Lincoln ads

    Lincoln Discussion
    Not bad.
  3. Ford of India in hot water for Figo celebrity bondage ads

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford of India in hot water for Figo celebrity bondage ads Autoblog March 22, 2013 by Seyth Miersma Apparently sensibilities in India, at least in the case of some Ford marketing partners, are downright lascivious at times. Case in point are a new series of print ads, presumably touting the...
  4. Ford’s Lincoln luxury sales sputter even after Super Bowl ads

    Lincoln Brand News
    Ford’s Lincoln luxury sales sputter even after Super Bowl ads Automotive News March 1, 2013 DETROIT(Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co.’s Lincoln brand, which aired two ads during the Super Bowl in February, posted a 29 percent U.S. sales slide for the month as dealers continued to run short of the...
  5. GM Pulls Ineffective Facebook Ads, Ford Subtly Says They're Doing it Wrong

    Automotive Industry News
    By Mike Magrath May 16, 2012 Edmunds The Wall Street Journal yesterday reported that GM would pull advertising from Facebook after the marketing team determined that the ads had little impact on consumers. I use Facebook and can confirm that the ads are, mostly, ineffective. This is a decision...
  6. Ford Explains New Focus Technologies Using New Ads.

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Explains Extensive New Technologies in Ford Focus To Global Consumers Using New Advertising, Techniques Ford Press Release New Ford Focus comes standard with so much technology, Ford rethinks its storytelling approach for consumers worldwide, tapping talents of unique global team Ford’s...
  7. Years of Mercury Ads - DetNews

    Mercury Discussion
    for auld lang syne... Mercury ads through the years -DetNews 89 pictures; shown: #10, #49, #66, #79 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - and for those who don't already know: Dedicated to the promotion and preservation of all Mercury vehicles... ( one of my...
  8. Ford ads take global approach

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford ads take global approach Creative teams get boost to promote products worldwide Detroit News Stuart Elliott / New York Times November 25. 2010 The senior creative executive at Team Detroit, the consortium of WPP units that works on the Ford Motor account in North America, is getting a...
  9. Couple C-MAX ADS

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Check this out, I really like this creative type of advertising C-MAX Grand C-MAX
  10. Video: Indian-market Ford Figo ads take on local flavor

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: Ford aims to take India by storm with its new Figo hatchback, designed to be the leader in its class from the outset. As you might imagine, the first television ads pushing...
  11. REPORT: Ford to go after lux brands with new Taurus ads

    Ford Car Discussion
    Courtesy of While the Taurus name still carries very strong awareness with customers, Ford needs to show the car-buying public that the 2010 model has an entirely new level of class and refinement. To accomplish its goal, the flagship sedan's new marketing campaign is ignoring...
  12. Lincoln Pulls Plugs On "Dream" Ads

    Lincoln Discussion
    Lincoln pulls plug on 'Dreams' ads Amy Wilson Automotive News | June 16, 2008 - 12:01 am EST WASHINGTON — Lincoln is scrapping its 2-year-old "Dreams" advertising campaign. "Dreams" advertisements stopped running nationally last month. With the introduction of the new 2009 MKS sedan, the...
  13. AutoNews: Ford Chops National Mercury Ads.

    Mercury Discussion
    Ford chops national Mercury ads Amy Wilson Automotive News | December 17, 2007 - 12:01 am EST DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. is cutting back on national advertising for the Mercury brand and asking Lincoln Mercury dealers to assume more marketing responsibility. Ford is diverting more money to...
  14. Ford Taurus safety ads set to go live

    Ford Car Discussion click above image to view both versions of Ford's new ads for the 2008 Taurus While Ford seemingly let its large front-wheel-drive sedan languish in obscurity when it was called the Five-Hundred, it doesn't intend to...