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  1. 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS Aka The Facelifted GL Leaks Online

    Competition News
    2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS Aka The Facelifted GL Leaks Online Pictures of Mercedes-Benz’s updated GL that will become known as the GLS slipped through the internet cracks prior to the luxury SUV’s world premiere at next month’s LA Auto Show. The brochure-sourced shots of the GLS come courtesy of...
  2. Chicago 2013: 2014 Ram ProMaster (aka Fiat Ducato)

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    2014 Ram Promaster reporting for duty By Jeffrey N. Ross Feb 7th 2013 Autoblog We already knew Chrysler would be getting its own version of the Fiat Ducato for use as the 2014 Ram Promaster, but it was just a question of when and what changes would be made. Well now we know. Though far from...
  3. Opel Ampera* Car of Year 2012 (*aka Volt)

    European Competition
    disclaimer: video un-viewed at time of posting
  4. Is Buick Overreaching? - The Alternator (aka PREMiERdrum)

    General Motors Discussion
    Is Buick Overreaching? - TheAlternator (aka PREMiERdrum) Tuesday, February 7, 2012 For a brief while, Buick seemed to be the post-Bankruptcy success story of "new" GM. Growing amidst the success of the Enclave crossover and re-envisioned LaCrosse sedan, GM's trishield brand was undoubtedly on...
  5. Geneva 2011: Daihatsu Charade aka old Yaris

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    So is the new Daihatsu Charade for Europe by Enrique Garcia February 22, 2011 Yes, that you see in the picture is a Daihatsu , but even though I look the only thing that springs to mind is the Toyota Yaris . Although Daihatsu has confirmed that Europe will in 2013, it will not...
  6. sema: 'MARAUDER' (aka Taurus-PI-Stealth)

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Ford shows off Police Interceptor Stealth concept ahead of SEMA debut - Autoblog by Steven J. Ewing on Nov 1st 2010 at 12:01AM ...this special Police Interceptor Stealth concept will be on display in Las Vegas this week. Ford designer Melvin Betancourt took inspiration from the SR-71 stealth...
  7. "Mazda-Envy" aka MB A-class

    European Competition
    up-front disclaimer: AutoExpress does NOT have the best reputation for accuracy! Mercedes’ secret Golf rival revealed - Revamped A-Class has VW in its sights and will be specifically targeted at younger buyers. By Guy Bird 12th July 2010 Plans for a hot new Mercedes are...
  8. WAYWFF: BAMR aka Vistaroof™

    Letters To Ford
    here's a nother WAYWFF: thread What Are You Waiting For, Ford? topic: BAMR**, the elusive all glass Vistaroof™ (with exclamations by Homer Simpson) OK What I want to know is... WHERE's Yours, FORD? I mean you practically started this whole thing with the MKX & Edge. Doncha think it'd be a...
  9. 2009 Daewoo Lacetti -aka Chevy Cruze

    General Motors Discussion
    Remember the Chevy Cruze that was launched at the Paris Show in early October? Well, a rebadged version of the compact sedan has just gone on sale in Korea under the Daewoo brand as the Lacetti. And yes, just like you, we are also completely dazzled by the fact that a product of an American...