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  1. 2012 Ford Ka Facelift (for South America)

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Link Yes, I know it will probably be ugly, but it does contribute over 80k sales a year.
  2. Spy Photos: The New Chevy Blazer for South America

    General Motors Discussion
  3. FIN Exclusive: Ford Focus Wagon to America in 2012

    FIN Headline News
    Ford Focus Wagon to America in 2012 FordInsideNews SobeSVT Ford Inside News confirmed today that Ford finally green lighted the Ford Focus Station Wagon for the US. Great news for station wagon lovers all over the nation!!
  4. NAIAS 2011: 2012 Volkswagen Passat (for North America)

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    2012 Volkswagen Passat Debuts Ahead Of Detroit Reveal By Derek Kreindler January 9 2011 AutoGuide The long awaited 2012 Volkswagen Passat surfaced online Sunday, looking very much like the recently released 2011 Volkswagen Jetta, sporting the same corporate face and profile in a larger...
  5. NAIAS 2011: Ford C-Max for North America

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    NEW FORD C-MAX: CLEVER, COMPACT VEHICLE TO MOVE YOUNG FAMILIES WITH FLEXIBILITY, FUEL EFFICIENCY Ford Press Release DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 20, 2010 – The Ford C-MAX is an all-new, affordable transportation alternative for growing, busy North American families who crave industry-first...
  6. Made in China, Not Sold in America

    Automotive Industry News
    Made in China, Not Sold in America - Special Report Chinese automakers promised to arrive years ago. What happened? Road & Track By Nick Kurczewski December 16, 2010 Chinese car companies have been big on promises but lacking in results when it comes to cracking the lucrative U.S. market. For...
  7. North America Car & Truck of the Year finalists

    Automotive Industry News
    2011 North American Car and Truck of the Year finalists shortlisted Autoblog Jeremy Korzeniewski December 16, 2010 Car: Chevrolet Volt Hyundai Sonata Nissan Leaf Truck: Dodge Durango Ford Explorer Jeep Grand Cherokee Full text at the link
  8. Ford Car Share in North America on the Rise

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Car Share in North America on the Rise The Street By Trefis Oct 22, 2010 NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Ford is recovering strongly from the global economic recession that affected the world in 2008-2009. The company's share in the North America car market has started to rise gradually after...
  9. 2012 Ford Focus Rally: America

    Ford Car Discussion
    FORD TEAMS UP WITH THE AMAZING RACE CREATORS FOR INTERACTIVE ROAD RALLY WITH NEW FORD FOCUS Ford Press Release Ford is teaming up with the Emmy Award-winning creators of The Amazing Race, Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri, to create the first real-time interactive road rally starring...
  10. Paris 2010: Venturi America EV Dune Buggy Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Paris 2010: Is the Venturi America EV Dune Buggy another awesome EV we'll never see? by Jonathon Ramsey Oct 1st 2010 Venturi was last seen in America a couple of months ago, blasting across the white crystals at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the guise of the Buckeye Bullet. At...
  11. Whitacre reorganizes GM's South America operations as regional unit

    General Motors Discussion
    GM's operations in South America are being made into a regional organization, the company announced Tuesday. The business unit will be taken out from under the International Operations division run by Tim Lee. More...
  12. I Saw Cadillac BLS Today in America,

    General Motors Discussion
    I quickly took pictures, not very good ones, since its a cell phone Cadillac should have brought this vehicle to America, It would have sold very well. The blurred Pictures do not capture how elegant and Cadillac like this vehicle looks... Click on image to view larger picture...
  13. Ford Kuga For North America Spied

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    KUGA FOR NORTH AMERICA SPIED Hi guys I was out on location in dearborn earlier today searching for any sign of either the upcoming ford explorer and or the Fiesta turbo. Unfortunatley there was not much out at all today and neither tester was running around. Unlike my prior visits there wasn't...
  14. Monster Fiesta / Rally America / more...

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    KEN BLOCK’S MONSTER FIESTA READY FOR RACE DEBUT DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 29, 2010 – The all-new Ford Fiesta is fun to drive, but for Monster World Rally Team driver Ken Block, fun takes on a different meaning. When you spend your time dreaming up ways to push your rally car to new limits and...
  15. LA Autoshow:Production 2011 Chevy Cruze for North America

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    LA Autoshow:Production 2011 Chevy Cruze for North America 2011 Chevrolet Cruze at a Glance: o Popular global car refined for America o Expected segment-best fuel economy – up to 40 mpg highway – with new family of small-displacement engines, including Ecotec 1.4L I-4 turbo o Progressive...
  16. Ford Fiesta North America Revealed

    Ford Car Discussion
    Ford Fiesta North America Revealed Link Autoblog Via GMi
  17. U-S-A! Ford reportedly moving production of Kuga to America

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    U-S-A! Ford reportedly moving production of Kuga to America Good news :) .
  18. Ford Reportedly Poised to Pass GM as America's Top Selling Automaker

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD POISED TO OVERTAKE GM AS AMERICA'S TOP SELLING AUTOMAKER FORD EXPECTED TO CONTINUE GAINING ON ITS 16.1% MARKET SHARE With the arrival of cars like the new 2010 Mustang, along with Fusion and Taurus, Ford is making great strides to become the best Automaker possible, and this news is a...
  19. “Keep America Rolling”

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Fomoconews: “Keep America Rolling” GM's Global Manufacturing Footprint On September 19, 2001, the Global economy came to a screeching halt as fast as the towers collapsed. GM immedietely saw the problem and single handedly announced its program called “Keep America Rolling,” which provided...
  20. Who Designs Better Cars? North America, Asia or Europe

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Re: All-New Mazda3 Sedan I think Maserati and Alfa Romeo designs better cars than Audi.