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  1. 2016-19 "Car Wars" report

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    Nora Naughton Automotive News June 3, 2015 - 4:19 pm ET DETROIT -- American Honda, poised to redesign nearly all of its nameplates through the 2019 model year, is likely to gain U.S. market share in the next four years, according to the annual “Car Wars” report from Bank of America Merrill...
  2. Ford Breaks Annual and Monthly Sales Records in China

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    Ford Breaks Annual and Monthly Sales Records in China More than 1.1 Million Sold in 2014 Ford China Jan-08-2015 1:15 AM ET ​SHANGHAI, China — In 2014, Ford sold a record 1,114,669 vehicles in China, up 19 percent from 935,812 sold in 2013. Record-breaking monthly sales lifted annual...
  3. Ford 2013 Annual Report - Lincoln

    Lincoln Brand News
    Ford 2013 Annual Report - Lincoln Ford The first full year of the reinvention of The Lincoln Motor Company saw repeated record sales of its flagship midsize sedan, the Lincoln MKZ. Introduced for the 2013 model year, the MKZ became Lincoln's top-selling vehicle in early 2013, attracting...
  4. U.S. sales projected to rise 7% as annual rate stays above 15M

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    U.S. sales projected to rise 7% as annual rate stays above 15M Automotive News April 19, 2013 by Jesse Snyder Drivers replacing aging vehicles will keep U.S. auto sales "in a healthy holding pattern" in April, J.D. Power and Associates and LMC Automotive said today while raising the forecast...
  5. 2012 Annual Report - Ford Motor Company

    Ford Corporate News
    2012 Annual Report - Ford Motor Company Operating Highlights Ford Motor Company delivered strong results in 2012 – achieving 14 straight quarters of operating profit and our fourth year in a row of positive net income. Message to Stockholders We continued to go further to meet the needs of...
  6. Ford hints at 400-HP Taurus SHO and more during annual convention

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    Filed under: Sedan, Performance, Ford, Misc. Auto Shows 2010 Ford Taurus SHO Convention highlights - Click above for high-res image gallery Blue Oval execs rolled out the red carpet for Taurus SHO owners last week in Dearborn, MI to welcome 100 privately owned examples and many more...
  7. GM Posts Record Annual Loss For 2007 - $38.7 Billion Dollars!

    General Motors Discussion
    GENERAL MOTORS POSTS RECORD $38.7 BILLION DOLLAR LOSS FOR 2007 GM not only lost the title of the Worlds Largest Automaker in 2007 to Toyota...but it has also lost over $38 Billion Dollars as well. What is this coming from? With the onslaught of the new offerings from Chevrolet and the upgrades...
  8. 2007 Annual Shareholders Meeting: Mulally upbeat, family stock opposed at meeting.

    Ford Corporate News
    Mulally upbeat, family stock opposed at meeting May 10, 2007 By JUSTIN HYDE FREE PRESS WASHINGTON BUREAU UPDATED AT 12 P.M. WILMINGTON, Del. — Ford Motor Co. sped through its annual meeting in under two hours Thursday, but not without a few blistering criticisms for Chairman Bill Ford...
  9. Mazda Racers Spell Spring Break “zoom Zoom” In Annual Sebring Speedfest

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Mustang's @ Raguna IRVINE, Calif. - Sebring isn’t just a race. It’s an endurance racing classic, backed up by over half a century of tradition. Support is provided by a great portfolio of sprint races for sports car and open wheel racers. There were more Mazda powered cars in more races than any...