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  1. Ford ads take global approach

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford ads take global approach Creative teams get boost to promote products worldwide Detroit News Stuart Elliott / New York Times November 25. 2010 The senior creative executive at Team Detroit, the consortium of WPP units that works on the Ford Motor account in North America, is getting a...
  2. GM Said to Approach Sovereign Wealth Funds to Boost Stock Sale

    General Motors Discussion
    GM Said to Approach Sovereign Wealth Funds to Boost Stock Sale Bloomberg October 6, 2010 By David Welch and Jeffrey McCracken Investment bankers for General Motors Co. have met with sovereign wealth funds and private investors in the Middle East and Asia to gauge interest in the automaker’s...

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Serves Up New Customizing Approach, DOES HE OR DOESN'T HE? Shortly after an article appeared seeming to indicate a reduction in customer choices, "Autonews: Mulally Says Ford To Simplify Line Up" (link to thread) and several forums had posters bemoaning the loss of choice and ranting for...
  4. Sketching the right approach to design

    Ford Corporate News The top priority for Peter Horbury, Ford's executive director of design, is to create enough time in the studio with the designers each day. Ford's Peter Horbury is working to keep ideas flowing up -- not...