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  1. Automotive Industry News
    GM, UAW approve 4-year contract By: Christina Rogers September 28. 2011 Detroit News General Motors Co. rank-and-file approved the automaker's proposed four-year contract with the United Auto Workers by a two-to-one majority, the union said Wednesday. In the final tally, 65 percent of...
  2. FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Car Buying, Etc., Ford, UK Ford has started offering vehicles for direct sale via the internet for United Kingdom customers. Ford conducted its own research and found that almost 40 percent of buyers don't even care about a test drive; they just want what they want with the click...
  3. General Motors Discussion
    UAW-represented workers at General Motors's Nexteer steering plant in Saginaw approved contract changes Tuesday that requires them to give back raises in return for a cash payment and also includes a buy down for skilled trades workers. More...
1-3 of 3 Results