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  1. Off-road bumpers FAQs - Tech Article
    Why to buy an off-road bumper? Which type of off-road bumper will meet you needs? What's the difference between Push Bars, Brush Guards, Skid Plates, etc.? All this and much, much more in our new articles: Off-Road Front Bumpers -...
  2. Another bad article about Lincoln

    Lincoln Discussion :angry: :banghead:
  3. sucky article: LINCOLN SUCKS

    Lincoln Discussion :banghead: :facepalm: :angry:
  4. Article: 2015 Mustang getting six engine options, including new Ecoboost V8

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Interesting new info from this Automobile article: > They claim that the current GT500 engine can't fit in the smaller new 2015 model so it will be dropped and replaced with a small displacement EcoBoost V8 instead. They also list 5 other...
  5. Wikipedia Article for Lincoln Navigator

    Lincoln Discussion
    Wikipedia Article for Lincoln Navigator Article found on GM Inside News The next generation Lincoln Navigator will not be a repackaged Ford Expedition as the previous generations were. The new Navigator...
  6. XTS Int Pix + CUE Touch article - MotorAuthority

    General Motors Discussion
    via Mr.Burns @ GMI < incldg enhanced photos 2013 Cadillac XTS To Debut CUE Touch-Screen Interface, Software Platform - MotorAuthority By Bengt Halvorson October 11, 2011 As we become increasingly tethered to our smartphones, automakers are recognizing that we need simplified in-car...
  7. Back Off Big Brother Article
    I found this to be an interesting story goes to show the hoops some people jump through not to get caught doing the wrong thing on the highway. What is your opinion?
  8. 2011 Optima interior article

    Asian Competition
    Kia Schools Us in Smart Style with 2011 Optima Interior The 2011 Kia Optima doesn't arrive in showrooms until the fall, but earlier this year the South Korean automaker blitzed the 2010 New York auto show with its upcoming four-door with a showy worldwide reveal, a press release with some...
  9. misc. Lincoln article - BusinessWeek

    Lincoln Discussion
    With Lincoln, Ford Isn't in the Lap of Luxury - BusinessWeek After its sale of Land Rover, Jaguar, and Volvo, Ford banks on Lincoln By Keith Naughton May 6, 2010, 5:00PM EST Business is booming in Jack Kain's Ford (F) dealership in London, Ky. Not so much, though, at his Lincoln showroom, where...
  10. Trannie Preference: FordStory article & POLL

    Ford Car Discussion
    Manual Versus Automatic Transmissions - TheFordStory April 21, 2010 We noticed that more than a few of the ideas in our new Your Ideas section LINK regarding transmission technology and the availability of various transmission types. We thought it might be helpful to share what Ford is doing...
  11. 5.0Mustang/Superfords magazine writes very good article about the new 5.0/Coyote V8

    Mustang Discussion
    New 5.0 Coyote V8 - IN DEPTH 5.0/superfords magazine (I'm a regular visitor to their site) just recently published a story regarding the new 5.0 V8. It's a very comprehensive article (15 pages long) but it brings to light some of the challenges Ford had when designing this engine as well as neat...
  12. Article: Crowning glory - Ford Crown Victoria

    Ford Car Discussion
    Crowning glory - Ford Crown Victoria Globe and Mail August 25, 2008 LINK
  13. article on Mercury slow death

    Mercury Discussion
    I don't know what side to take anymore on Mercury future. If Mercury not around in a couple years, I guess I'll buy used Mercury.:(
  14. Le General Disputes WSJ Article

    General Motors Discussion
    By Jeff Green July 7 (Bloomberg) -- General Motors Corp. said Hummer is the only one of its eight U.S. brands being formally reviewed for a possible sale or shutdown as the automaker's domestic market share falls to an 83-year low. The Wall Street Journal reported today that the biggest U.S...
  15. Ford/GM Merger Article & 2 other CRAZY Ideas

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    BusinessWeek - GM-Ford Combo? One General Motors executive floated the idea, but it was deemed a counterproductive distraction by David Welch, Lifestyle How desperate are Detroit's carmakers getting? At a few recent meetings, General Motors (GM) executives have mused aloud about the prospects...
  16. IL: Flex Article Starts by Ford Bashing

    Ford Truck Discussion
  17. Collectible Automobile Magazine Article

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    :) The February 2008 [it's out now] issue of Collectible Automobile magazine has a feature article on "Designing Seventies Cars:Mission Impossible?" by noted author,Mike Lamm. --Also featured is an article I authored with illustrations--"The Disco Deco Decade:Studio Design Experiences in the...