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  1. Ford asks Chevy to pull Super Bowl pickup ad, pressures NBC not to air

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford asks Chevy to pull Super Bowl pickup ad, pressures NBC not to air By Justin Hyde Yahoo When this Chevrolet Super Bowl ad popped up Friday featuring a post-apocalyptic Silverado pickup and a sting at Ford, we noted it was a rare, but not unheard-of public joust between the two brands...
  2. Jaguar asks Ford to boost engine production due to sales spike

    Ford Corporate News
    After a substantial - and somewhat unexpected - surge in sales last quarter, Tata Motors is begging Ford to increase production of engines for its Jaguar brand. Tata Motors - Jaguar Cars - Ford Motor Company - LandRover - Jaguar...
  3. Toyota Collapse:Toyota Is The New GM: Japanese Automaker Asks Government For Loans

    Asian Competition
    Japanese automaker Toyota claims it's seeking a $2 billion state bailout to help its car financing unit. Maybe if they'd built the cars Americans wanted to buy, they wouldn't be in this mess. Wait, what? The super-awesome-number-one-best automaker from the land of the rising sun's now asking...
  4. GM Asks 100 People To Drive Fuell Cell Cars

    General Motors Discussion
    GM asks 100 people to test-drive fuel cell cars Leslie J. Allen Automotive News | October 22, 2007 - 3:54 pm EST NEW YORK — General Motors today kicked off an experiment that will place 100 hydrogen fuel cell powered Chevrolet Equinoxes into the hands of average consumers. Drivers in...