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  1. Ranger Smacks the Competition in The great Aussie SUV Ute (Pick Up) Test.

    Ford Truck Discussion
    Results Ute Claimed Actual Variance Navara 7.0L/100km 8.8L/100km 26 per cent over Triton 7.6L/100km 8.2L/100km 8 per cent over D-Max 8.1L/100km 10.9L/100km 35 per cent over Amarok 8.3L/100km 8.2L/100km 1 per cent under HiLux 8.5L/100km 11.7L/100km 38 per cent over Ranger 9.0L/100km...
  2. A Modern Take On Aussie Ford Falcon Coupe

    Ford Car Discussion
    Future Cars: A Modern Take On Aussie Ford Falcon Coupe Carscoops When people think muscle cars, generally, icons of America’s most noteworthy V8’s come to mind - Camaro, Mustang and Challenger to just name a few. However down under in Australia, where most things that crawl into your shoes...
  3. Ford celebrates Aussie ute’s 80th anniversary as the pioneer of the company’s global

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford celebrates Aussie ute’s 80th anniversary as the pioneer of the company’s global truck leadership •Ford celebrates the 80th anniversary of its ute – the forerunner of modern pickup trucks – based on the first sale to a Melbourne-area farmer in February 1934 •A 23-year-old Ford Australia...
  4. Another Aussie Set to Reshape Lincoln

    FIN Headline News
    Another Aussie Set to Reshape Lincoln 28 may 2012 By Terry Martin FORD Australia designer Peter Jones has been named interior design manager for the Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln luxury car brand. To be based at Blue Oval headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, Mr Jones takes up his...
  5. Max Wolff: the Aussie leading an American design pack

    Lincoln Brand News
    By Mark Hacking April 17th, 2012 Car Advice The world of automotive design, like the fashion world or Hollywood, is not immune to the power of transformations and trends. A certain carmaker will come up with a design idea and, if that idea resonates with the cognoscenti, it will also be copied...
  6. Aussie inline6 WANTED for Export?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford engine may get export boost - Ford’s local I6 on shopping list for overseas makers By IAN PORTER 3 March 2009 FORD’S engine operations at Geelong, which late last year were saved by government intervention and the injection of $21 million, could soon receive a shot in...
  7. Ford Aussie Pushing Modeo's German Heritage

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    It appears Ford Australia beleives that empasis on Upcoming Modeo's German Heritage will give them a leg up on the competation. Link Here