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  1. Ralph Gilles Lets the Hellcat Outta the Bag - AutolineDetroit

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    note: the video covers many-many topics. Putting it here due to Autoline's OWN Title... AAH #235 – Ralph Gilles Lets the Hellcat Outta the Bag - Autoline Detroit March 28th, 2014 UP FOR DISCUSSION: - Honda Civic is the #1 retail car in California — what happened to the Prius? - Marco Rubio...
  2. Bob Lutz Motors? "VL Automotive" - AutolineDetroit

    "Other" American Automakers Discussion
    AAH #227 – Watch Out! Bob Lutz is Now a - - - maker - AutolineDetroit February 1st, 2014 at 9:22pm around 30 minutes in = get your Fisker with a Corvette v8! O M G ! !
  3. Nancy Gioia, Ford - AutolineDetroit

    FoMoCo Engineering
    SPECIAL GUEST: Nancy Gioia, Director, Electrical, Connectivity and User Interface – Strategy and Planning, Ford AutolineDetroit #228 UP FOR DISCUSSION: - Will EVs ever catch on in big numbers? - What are Ford’s plans for autonomous vehicles? - 60 years from now, will Ford still be a car...
  4. Ford+Dow CarbonFiber JV Project with Raj Nair - AutolineDetroit

    FoMoCo Engineering
    Raj Nair, VP Product Development: Ford + Dow CarbonFiber JV Project & other stuff - AutolineDetroit along with Mark Phelan, The Detroit Free Press; Tony Swan, Hearst Magazines; and of course John McElroy, host Internet Premiere - Friday, 8/24 @ 11:30am ET Detroit Public TV - Sunday, 8/26 @...
  5. Ford:"American Icon" Bryce Hoffman - AutolineDetroit

    Ford Corporate News
    finally had a chance to see this - while not being able to upload OG's at the Library... “American Icon” - AutolineDetroit (show #1623) Synopsis Bryce Hoffman, Author, “American Icon”, Keith Naughton, Bloomberg News, Jim Hall, 2953 Analytics. Topic: Ford and Alan Mulally. Ford Motor Company...
  6. “Travels with Farley” - AutolineDetroit webcast

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    “Travels with Farley” - with John McElroy Synopsis Jim Farley, Group VP, Global Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford Motor Co. Topic: Jim Farley Interview. The headline might look vaguely familiar. Think early 1960s where it borrows everything but the "Ch" from author John...
  7. BON + AutolineDetroit TONIGHT (6-14)

    Ford Corporate News
    BlueOvalNews and Autoline Detroit invite the Ford community to discuss the status of the automotive industry and Ford Motor Company. 14 June 2010 This is "Open Line", our weekly chat session where you make the rules! Join us every Monday at 8PM ET / 5PM PT and call the Phone number and PIN...
  8. Jim Farley Interview from NAIAS - AutolineDetroit

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    “The Sun Also Rises”: Jim Farley Interview from NAIAS - AutolineDetroit (video) Internet Premiere - Friday, 1/22 @ 12:00pm ET Detroit Public TV - Sunday, 1/24 @ 10:30am ET favorite quotes: - John McElroy, "...let's talk the Detroit Autoshow ...Ford has stolen the Show..." - Jim Farley (re...