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  1. Aston-Electric(s) - AutomotiveNews

    European Competition
    [url=]Aston aims to launch 800-hp, all-electric Rapide in 2 years CEO: Electric DBX to follow AutomotiveNews David Undercoffler August 18, 2015
  2. pre-X sales record but higher losses - AutomotiveNews

    "Other" American Automakers Discussion
    Tesla sets Q2 sales record, but losses grow Full-year delivery forecast lowered AutomotiveNews Gabe Nelson Google Plus RSS feed August 5, 2015 With the first deliveries of its Model X less than two months away, Tesla Motors Inc. reported today that its net loss nearly tripled to $184 million in...
  3. Future Product Guide: Chrysler - AutomotiveNews

    Competition News
    Chrysler brand to double lineup The Chrysler brand will begin its expansion in 2016 from three nameplates to six when it adds a compact car, the 100 sedan. The ambitious expansion, which includes two plug-in hybrids, will help transform the brand into Chrysler Group's full-line Ford and...
  4. Future Product Guide: Ford-Lincoln - AutomotiveNews

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
  5. Future Product Guide: ASIA - AutomotiveNews

    Asian Competition
    I can't find a specific page for Asian Mfgs - maybe it will be added by Monday? but the mainpage (generic url) is now showing a BUNCH of micro articles with today's date... (more can be added when it shows up) ASIA: Honda Infiniti Nissan AutoNews - Updated: 07/25/14 Over the next eight weeks...
  6. Future Product Guide: GM - AutomotiveNews

    General Motors Discussion
    it's that time of year again = Future Product Guide(s) from AutomotiveNews tho the layout/software they're using does NOT agree with my antique puter... GM's future product challenge AutoNews: Future Product Guide July 20, 2014 General Motors’ product cadence has officially escaped the...
  7. BAIC wants a Brand in Europe/U.S. - AutomotiveNews

    Competition News
    Beijing Auto looking to acquire a brand in Europe and U.S. - AutomotiveNews April 3, 2014 BEIJING (Reuters) - Beijing Automotive Group, Daimler's Chinese partner, said it wants to buy a "mid to high-end brand" in Europe or the United States to boost its global presence and it already has...
  8. Cadillac plans ATS variants - AutomotiveNews

    General Motors Discussion
    Cadillac plans several variants of successful ATS - AutomotiveNews Mike Colias January 20, 2014 DETROIT -- Cadillac wants to leverage the success of its ATS compact sedan with a few variant models, global brand chief Bob Ferguson says. Ferguson said General Motors is "absolutely" planning at...
  9. Fisker Quits Fisker - AutomotiveNews

    "Other" American Automakers Discussion
    Henrik Fisker quits Fisker Automotive in dispute with management - Automotive News Dave Guilford March 13, 2013 Henrik Fisker, the former BMW designer who co-founded Fisker Automotive, has resigned from the plug-in hybrid car maker, citing discord with company executives. Fisker, who has been...
  10. Ford Calls for US+EU Standards - AutomotiveNews

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford calls for mutual U.S.-Europe auto standards in trade deal - Automotive News Douglas A. Bolduc Automotive News -- March 6, 2013 GENEVA -- Ford Motor Co. wants trade tariffs between the United States and Europe removed and believes the two markets' regulators should accept each other's safety...
  11. FUSION: Countdown to Launch - AutomotiveNews

    Ford Car Discussion
    main cover photo in print AND on facebook Countdown to Launch - AutomotiveNews Dave Guilford July 23, 2012 During a tense mid-May meeting a month before Ford's prelaunch campaign for the redesigned 2013 Fusion is supposed to start, a team member blurts out his frustration. "This has to...
  12. Future Products on AutomotiveNews - check back Aug20 for Ford

    Automotive Industry News
    AutomotiveNews has articleS about GM Future Products (beware it may only load once without subscription) & list other Mfgs on their main page including FORD coming on AUGUST 20 even if these are mainly speculation, they can fun
  13. Lincoln waterfall grille is a goner - AutomotiveNews

    Lincoln Discussion
    via former-poster "megeebee" Sources: Lincoln waterfall grille is a goner - Automotive News Jamie LaReau September 26, 2011 - 12:01 am EST Love it or hate it, Lincoln's waterfall grille is on the way out, according to sources familiar with plans for the updated MKS sedan and MKT crossover...
  14. Mr. M. 'pressed' about Lincoln-Mercury - Amy Wilson, AutomotiveNews

    Ford Corporate News
    Lincoln Mercury dealerships are fading fast in metro areas - Amy Wilson | November 9, 2009 - 12:01 am ET Ford Motor Co.'s dealership consolidation strategy has hit stand-alone Lincoln-Mercury dealerships hardest. Since Ford's dealership reduction efforts began in 2006, the...
  15. Mulally: Ford leads the way on making needed changes - AutomotiveNews

    Ford Corporate News
    Mulally: Ford leads the way on making needed changes Amy Wilson Automotive News February 27, 2009 - 2:54 pm ET DETROIT -- Alan Mulally says Ford Motor Co. is carving out a place of its own as the industry struggles to get through the deepening recession. This week's tentative deal with the UAW...
  16. video: '5' Questions with Alan Mulally - AutomotiveNews

    Ford Corporate News
    '5' Questions with Alan Mulally - AutomotiveNews Video oops duplicate post mods please delete