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  1. Should Ford & GM exit Europe? - Autosavant

    Automotive Industry News
    GM and Ford Should Exit Europe - Autosavant By Chris Haak on March 22, 2013 ...let’s look at the auto industry in Europe. It’s a complete disaster. There are too many plants, not enough sales, and too many brands. Sounds a lot like GM, Ford, and Chrysler, circa 2006, doesn’t it? (Except of...
  2. the Best compact Toyota EVER?!? - Autosavant

    Asian Competition
    quote Autosavant @ facebook "Toyota finally figured out how to create a more appealing subcompact. Outsource to Mazda." Toyota To Sell Rebadged Next-Gen Mazda2, Built in Mexico - Autosavant By Chris Haak on November 9, 2012 in News Here’s the scenario: Mazda is a small global player lacking...
  3. VW's "ecoboostish" Jetta Hybrid - Autosavant

    European Competition
    First Drive: 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid - Autosavant By Carl Malek on October 31, 2012 in Reviews This week in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Volkswagen officials offered some new details and information about the the brand’s upcoming 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid. The car is expected to be a leader...
  4. iPhone5 In-Car Connectivity Headaches? - Autosavant

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    Apple’s iPhone 5 Will Cause Headaches For In-Car Connectivity - Autosavant By Chris Haak on September 14, 2012 We know that many of you read this site on your iPhones, and even if you’re reading this on a PC or Mac, chances are that you’re still at least aware of the news that yesterday, Apple...
  5. GC Trailhawk & Wrangler Moab Unveiled - Autosavant

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Jeep Unveils Grand Cherokee Trailhawk And Wrangler Moab Models - Autosavant By Carl Malek on September 5, 2012 Chrysler’s Jeep division unveiled two new special edition models of the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler, both of which have their collective sights set on pleasing off road enthusiasts...
  6. 2013 Ford Focus ST First Drive (Edmunds,Autosavant,...)

    Ford Brand News - Global
    By Andrew Frankel Jun 10, 2012 Edmunds Ford may have put the Focus on the podium for the 2012 North American Car of the Year award but it's showing no signs of resting on its laurels. The 2013 Ford Focus ST, which will be available this summer, will come equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder...
  7. Review: 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat EcoBoost 4x4 [Autosavant]

    Ford Truck Discussion
    Hey there - we had the opportunity to put a new F-150 EcoBoost through its paces over about two weeks. We did some towing, hauling, and family shuttling - and the truck passed with flying colors. We thought you guys might like to give it a read...
  8. Autosavant Interviews Mark Reuss in New York

    General Motors Discussion
    Autosavant Interviews Mark Reuss, President, GM North America - Autosavant Reuss went on to confirm that another GM bad habit was being put to rest: the exposure of production cars, or near-production cars, two years ahead of their on-sale date. He cited the 2013 Malibu as an example of the...
  9. Updated ReportS on Lincoln's Plans - AutoSavant,FreePress

    Lincoln Discussion
    a pair of Lincoln articles, the latter an update with the advantage of a direct reply from Ford. See if you agree with the overall favorable impression of Ford-Lincoln's plans... Is Lincoln Abandoning the Luxury Segment? - AutoSavant 10 September 2010 By Charles Krome Surprisingly, the answer...
  10. Phaeton is Returning to the US. WHY? - AutoSavant

    European Competition
    The Volkswagen Phaeton is Returning to the US. Why? - AutoSavant By Chris Haak 19 August 2010 From the day the flagship Volkswagen Phaeton launched in the US, analysts and customers questioned the wisdom of... ...selling a few Phaetons to executives who didn’t want the glamour and glitz of a...
  11. Autosavant: Is Anyone Dumber Than a GM Executive?

    General Motors Discussion
    Autosavant Thursday, August 7, 2008 Is Anyone Dumber Than a GM Executive? By J.S. Smith 08.07.2008 I am hardly a snarky, cheer-as-the-Titanic-sinks sneerful spectator. I root for the home team and I’m a life-long member of the GM family. Indeed, I worked on the assembly line many years ago at...
  12. After Ten Months On the Job, Mulally’s “One Ford” Becomes Reality (Autosavant)

    Ford Corporate News MORE AT LINK: Igor
  13. Autosavant: America's Best: Ford GT

    Ford Car Discussion
    AUTOSAVANT: Cars and Car Business America's Best: Ford GT By Bruce McCulloch What is the best American sports car ever made? Is it the Dodge Viper? No, I don’t think so. Is it the Chevrolet Corvette? Arguably it is, but I’m going to have to give ‘Vette fanatics an answer they will most...