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  1. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Just got back from the AutoShow and thought I'd jot down some of my impressions and my unedited photo gallery while it's fresh. Ford and Lincoln had their usual displays, but most of the exhibitors had new displays and it all looked really...
  2. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    My massive Autoshow Gallery is up!
  3. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I visited the Detroit Autoshow today on the 1st day of Public Admission and here are some thoughts while they are fresh. Ford: Always a superb expansive display, by far the best in the show, although it's largely the same setup we've seen for many years now. It does a great job representing an...
  4. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I just put up my ginormous 1,000+ photos from the Detroit Autoshow. Enjoy!
  5. General Motors Discussion
    GM's Main Street in Motion Drive us. Drive the competition too! With more than 70 vehicles in the same location, including 25 competitive makes, Main Street in Motion delivers an opportunity you won't find anywhere else — a free, family friendly, no-pressure environment to compare Chevrolet...
  6. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    I took my son to the Baltimore Autoshow this weekend. Well worth the trip, and tickects were only $10. we got a $2 discount by showing our MTA lightrail ticket stubs (which only cost $3.20 round trip and avoided paying $20 or more for parking.) lady had extra discount passes near the gate for...
  7. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    first up: Frankfurt & MazdaNew Mazda RX-8 to bow at Frankfurt show? - LeftlaneNews By Drew Johnson 07/24/2009, 8:46 AM ...a new version of the RX-8 is said to be in the works with a reveal date set for later this year. According to a report by Auto Motor und Sport, Mazda will use September’s...
  8. Mazda Discussion
    2010 Mazda CX-7 2010 Mazda CX-7 2.5 Litre makes its Canadian premiere at the Canadian International Auto Show 2010 Mazda CX-7 For the 2010 model year the CX-7 is the recipient of an exterior and interior styling refresh to complement a host of engineering refinements. Leading the way is a...
  9. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Ford at the 2009 San Diego Autoshow
  10. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    In my vacations next fall, i will go to California. I want to know San Francisco and Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, i want to go to the 2008 L.A. Autoshow. What do you spect to see there, guys? What is the best way to travel betwing San Francisco and L.A.? Train or bus? If i take the bus, which...
  11. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    transplanting (since it's Never Too Early to speculate) ^^lets say for LA Mustang - check refreshed trio - maybe - think the MKZ will be NAIAS would LOVE to add: MERCURY-FOCUS ;) edit: it'd be interesting if they brought the new KA! just to get reactions for NAIAS production Fiesta -...
1-12 of 17 Results