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  1. Autoweek: 2016 Lincoln MKX first drive: Lower, wider, smoother

    Lincoln Discussion Take THAT Car & Driver!
  2. BREAKING: 2015 Ford Mustang leaked in Autoweek

    Ford Brand News - Global
    BREAKING: 2015 Ford Mustang leaked in Autoweek Autoblog December 3, 2013 by Jeffrey N. Ross We would have to imagine that Ford knew it couldn't keep its 2015 Mustang under wraps for too long, and with only days to go before the pony car's official unveiling, the dam seems to be cracking...
  3. First Drive: 2013 Lincoln MKZ - Autoweek

    Lincoln Discussion
    FIRST DRIVE: 2013 LINCOLN MKZ - AUTOWEEK By: J.P. Vettraino on 11/21/2012 No one at Lincoln minimizes the importance of the 2013 MKZ. The sedan is the first of four new Lincolns debuting over the next three years, and the starting point for an overhaul intended to remake the brand and return...
  4. Design Director Max Wolff Speaks at Autoweek Design Forum 2012

    Lincoln Brand News
    Posted on Lincoln's facebook "Lincoln Design Director Max Wolff spoke about Lincoln's new design team and direction at Autoweek Design Forum 2012. Click here to watch Max's insight on Lincoln's design innovation and what's ahead for the brand. Are you looking forward to what's in store for the...
  5. NAIAS 2011: Ford Vertrek named Autoweek's Best Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    FORD VERTREK NAMED BEST CONCEPT AT 2011 NORTH AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW BY AUTOWEEK Ford Press Release The writers of AutoWeek Magazine and named Ford Vertrek the Best Concept vehicle of the 2011 North American International Auto Show Vertrek is Ford’s vision for a...
  6. Autoweek 'Midsize' Poll

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    HELP AUTOWEEK PICK THE BEST Vote for your pick for best midsize sedan in the U.S. market. -------------- more choices than many of these unscientific polls... (tho imho someone should tell Autoweek that 'midsize' does not equal C segment) ...including the MILAN & MKZ - which could use some...
  7. Game-changing 2015 CAFE rules - AutoWeek

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    For new CAFE rules, automakers place high-stakes tech bets - AutoWeek By DAVE GUILFORD updated on: 03/23/10, 09:30 et Game-changing 2015 fuel economy rules are forcing vehicle development teams to make high-stakes bets on expensive technologies--bets that will separate the winners from the...
  8. Focus named Most Significant @ NAIAS - Autoweek via Yahoo

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Ford Focus Named 'Most Significant' Vehicle at 2010 Detroit Auto Show By AutoWeek Magazine - left to right, Wes Raynal, editor of AutoWeek Magazine and, Ford's Martin Smith (Executive Director of Design) and Jim Hughes (Focus Chief Nameplate Engineer, North...
  9. new look for the Lincoln MKS? - AutoWeek

    Lincoln Discussion
    Spied: A slightly new look for the Lincoln MKS - AutoWeek By DALE JEWETT This article was last updated on: 03/04/09, 11:23 et photos: BRIAN WILLIAMS FOR BRENDA PRIDDY & CO. -- large versions available at AutoWeek ^click^ The Lincoln MKS sedan hasn't been on the market all that long, but...
  10. Camry Outclassed By Fusion, Malibu- Autoweek

    Asian Competition
    Camry Outclassed By Fusion, Malibu- Autoweek OUR TAKE: This is a perfectly functional, perfectly capable, perfectly reasonable, perfectly boring automobile. The new styling is pleasant enough but already starting to look a little dated, while the interior should have been redone before it even...
  11. Autoweek names F-150 most significant

    Ford Truck Discussion Two General Motors cars, Ford's sales leader and a high-powered diesel concept from Audi were the winners of the 2008 AutoWeek Editors' Choice awards at the North American International Auto Show. The selections...
  12. Autoweek: Ford Imports Some Flair

    Ford Car Discussion
    Say can you C-Max? Ford's compact European people mover will make its way to the U.S. Ford Imports Some Flair Small cars, crossovers will be based on European versions By AMY WILSON | AUTOMOTIVE NEWS At the urging of CEO Alan Mulally, Ford Motor Co. is preparing to commonize the small...
  13. Autoweek: BMW CS Concept

    European Competition
    The CLS has its match? Autoweek
  14. AutoWeek: Ford gives up sliding doors for Flex

    Ford Car Discussion
    NEW YORK -- By dumping a feature closely associated with minivans, Ford Motor Co. found a way to make the 2009 Ford Flex more appealing to customers who need room for a family but don't want the minivan stigma. The pivotal moment in the Flex's development came, Ford design chief J Mays said...
  15. Autoweek: S80 a solid alternative to the Germans

    European Competition
    Take the new S80 for a coupla days and write a blog about it,” came the directive from road test editor Natalie Neff. I proceeded to go out to the parking lot where I promptly walked by this thing a few times before I realized I wasn’t looking at the old S80. Sure looked familiar. It’s all new...