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  1. Letters To Ford
    here's a nother WAYWFF: thread What Are You Waiting For, Ford? topic: BAMR**, the elusive all glass Vistaroof™ (with exclamations by Homer Simpson) OK What I want to know is... WHERE's Yours, FORD? I mean you practically started this whole thing with the MKX & Edge. Doncha think it'd be a...
  2. European Competition
    Volvo XC60 sequel? BMW RFK* prequel? (* Raum Funktionales Konzept - German for roomy & multi-purpose concept) This Blutec-powered cuv measures 102.36"/2600mm wheelbase 172.44"/4380mm length 71.65"/1820mm width 62.99"/1600mm height; and has already been web-christened, Q5. Goodies include...