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  1. Ford everest concept reveals future direction for rugged, mid-size suv

    Ford Brand News - Global
    FORD EVEREST CONCEPT REVEALS FUTURE DIRECTION FOR RUGGED, MID-SIZE SUV AT BANGKOK INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW Ford - Ford Everest Concept shows Ford’s vision for a mid-size, seven-seat versatile SUV designed for ASEAN and global markets, to be built in Thailand - Ford Everest Concept builds on...
  2. Bangkok 2013: All-New Toyota Vios

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    GALLERY: 2013 Toyota Vios at the Bangkok show By Jonathan James Tan 26 March 2013 Sawadee krub from Bangkok! Here’s the car of the moment – the 2013 Toyota Vios on the stand at the ongoing Bangkok International Motor Show. J, E, G and S grade variants are on display. One of the E...
  3. Bangkok 2013: Mitsubishi G4 Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Mitsubishi Concept G4 previews Mirage sedan By Danny Tan 26 March 2013 Here’s the Mitsubishi Concept G4, a 2013 Bangkok Motor Show debutant previewing a new Thai eco car that will also be sold globally, according to MMC. Based on the Mirage hatchback, think of this as Mitsubishi’s...
  4. All-New Ford Focus To Make its ASEAN Debut in Bangkok

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    All-New Ford Focus To Make its ASEAN Debut at the 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show Ford Media The all-new Ford Focus is the next of eight all-new global One Ford vehicles to be introduced in ASEAN by mid-decade Ford stand at the ASEAN region's premiere auto show will feature an array of...
  5. New Ford everest to debut in Bangkok?

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    "In addition to the new Ranger, the Ford stand will feature a full lineup of the hot-selling Ford Fiesta; a new, special-equipped Ford Focus; an upgraded Ford Everest SUV and Ford Ranger WildTrak edition." Sounds like it...
  6. Ford Ranger Wildtrack launch in Bangkok

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford Ranger Wildtrack launch in Bangkok While we wait for the 2010 ranger to get stability control, Ford is offering Asian customers a sporty truck of its own: a Ranger wildtrack! Although it looks like the concept shown a few months ago, this truck seems to be an MCE of the current Ford Asian...