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  1. American Suzuki to pull out of U.S. auto market, file Chapter 11 bankruptcy

    Competition News
    Ryan Beene November 5, 2012 Automotive News LOS ANGELES -– American Suzuki Motor Corp., beset by low sales, cutthroat competition and unfavorable foreign exchange rates, said it will pull out of the U.S. auto market and file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company, in a statement...
  2. It's Over: Saab files for bankruptcy

    Competition News
    Saab files for bankruptcy By Ronan Glon Dec 19th, 2011 LLN After several long and painful months of struggling to stay afloat, Saab has reached the end of the road and filed for bankruptcy this morning. This has been confirmed by several Swedish newspapers, as well as the district court in...
  3. Report: Think Global files for bankruptcy

    Competition News
    Report: Think Global files for bankruptcy Jun 22nd 2011 When Ener1 abruptly ended its four-year-long deal with Think Global, saying that its investment was "impaired," we had reason to worry. Now comes word that the struggles continue to mount at Think Global and that the automaker...
  4. Saab in danger of bankruptcy - report

    Competition News
    Saab in danger of bankruptcy - report By Michael Gauthier March 10, 2011 WCF It sounds like déjà vu all over again as a new report is indicating that Saab is in danger of going bankrupt. In an interview with Sweden's Dagens Industri, would-be Russian investor Vladimir Antonov stated he doesn't...
  5. Poof! $20B Likely Lost On GM, Says Former Auto Czar

    General Motors Discussion
    Poof! $20B Likely Lost On GM, Says Former Auto Czar Forbes By Joann Muller Sep. 20 2010 If you were missing $20, would you be willing to write it off as “lost money”? What if you lost $20 billion? The thought went through my head as I was perusing Steven Rattner’s new book, “Overhaul: An...
  6. GM roaring out of bankruptcy

    General Motors Discussion
    GM roaring out of bankruptcy General Motors Co. has invested $1.4 billion in more than a dozen plants and created about 5,500 jobs since emerging from bankruptcy court in July. The investment and job moves are a stark contrast to last year, when GM shed factories, implemented unprecedented...
  7. GM out of Bankruptcy

    General Motors Discussion
    Foxnews is reporting GM has been given OK to set up new corp.
  8. Ford makes statement on GM bankruptcy, hopes for level playing field

    Ford Corporate News
    Courtesy of Autoblog: While all eyes are on General Motors, its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and the additional $30 billion in loans the automaker will receive from the US government, FoMoCo doesn't want the Obama administration to forget the Blue Oval is restructuring without the help of the...
  9. Chrysler Filing Bankruptcy

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    President Obama has just concluded a televised press conference where he announced that Chrysler will indeed head into Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings almost immediately. As part of the same announcement, he noted that the Auburn Hills automaker has reached terms with Fiat and will be headed...
  10. April 1: GM bankruptcy. The day after....

    General Motors Discussion
    April 1 is the date that i read somewhere that is the day most probably GM will be to bankruptcy, if USA gov. dont give them more money. After April 1, what will happen? GM will disolve and dissapear? GM will disolved and a new company will born??... What after de GM bankruptcy??? Really ,the...
  11. NYT: Bush Weighs ‘Orderly’ Bankruptcy for Automakers

    General Motors Discussion
    The New York Times Bush Weighs ‘Orderly’ Bankruptcy for Automakers WASHINGTON — The White House said on Thursday that an “orderly” bankruptcy was one option being considered to try to rescue General Motors and Chrysler, which are seeking billions of dollars to avoid a shutdown. President...
  12. Mulally: GM Would Drag Entire Industry Into Bankruptcy

    Ford Corporate News
  13. Reuters: GM, Chrysler considering bankruptcy to get bailout: report

    General Motors Discussion
    Reuters GM, Chrysler considering bankruptcy to get bailout: report (Reuters) – General Motors Corp and Chrysler LLC are considering accepting a pre-arranged bankruptcy as the last-resort price of getting a multi-billion dollar government bailout, Bloomberg reported, citing a person familiar...
  14. GM Not Considering Bankruptcy

    General Motors Discussion
    Despite its shares plunging to 58-year lows and a diminished outlook for global auto sales, General Motors (GM: 5.00, +0.24, +5.04%) told Reuters on Friday it is not considering filing for bankruptcy protection. "Clearly we face unprecedented challenges related to uncertainty in the financial...
  15. Ford's Non-Bankruptcy Bankruptcy

    Ford Corporate News
    A few weeks ago, I wrote about a Wall Street analyst's report about how GM was already in bankruptcy given the state if its balance sheet, sales decline and losses. [Detroit in Review -- 2006] This week, it's Ford's turn. I've already mentioned that Ford was in technical bankruptcy because it...