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  1. LG Chem signs battery supply deal with Changan Automobile Co.

    Automotive Industry News
    LG Chem signs battery supply deal with Changan Automobile Co. Raton Concept PHEV Korea Herald | 8/16/2015 LG Chem Ltd., South Korea's leading chemicals and battery maker, said Sunday that it has signed a deal to supply electric vehicle batteries to a leading Chinese carmaker. Under the...
  2. Ford and samsung research next-generation battery technology

    Ford Brand News - Global
    FORD AND SAMSUNG RESEARCH NEXT-GENERATION BATTERY TECHNOLOGY Ford “We are currently expanding our Auto Start-Stop technology across 70 percent of our lineup, and this dual-battery system has the potential to bring even more levels of hybridization to our vehicles for greater energy savings...
  3. VW e-Golf - No Thermal Battery Management System?

    European Competition
    VW e-Golf - No Thermal Battery Management System? VW decided not to offer a Liquid Cooled Thermal Battery Management with the new e-Golf. It seems VW is going the cheaper route entering the EV segment unlike the systems of the Model S(same Panasonic batteries), Focus Electric and Volt(where...
  4. Nissan Leaf Battery Lease Scam?

    Competition News
    Something interesting came together recently. Just looking at what Nissan has done with their Battery Warranty, Capacity Warranty, Battery Lease Program and most recent Certified Pre-Owned Leaf Program, it became clear that the consumer who actually buys a Nissan Leaf and tries to keep it past...
  5. Rawsonville reaches 100,000th battery produced

    Ford Corporate News
    Rawsonville reaches 100,000th battery produced You can ask just about anyone at Rawsonville if a launch is easy and you’re bound to get the same answer across the board: No! In fact, a successful launch is one of the hardest things to accomplish within Ford Motor Company. The battery...
  6. Ford CEO: Battery packs in Focus Electric run $12-15,000 each

    Ford Brand News - Global
    By Andrew Ganz Apr 19th, 2012 LLN Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally has revealed one of the most closely-guarded secrets in the auto industry: The cost of the batteries in the automaker’s new Ford Focus Electric. Mulally spilled the beans at a green technology forum, where he said that the...
  7. Hybrid battery

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    When I bought my 2005 Escape Hybrid, the salesman told me the hybrid battery had an 8-year warranty. I've now had it for 6 1/2 years. I was thinking about giving my SUV to my nephew when I get my next vehicle. I know he'd enjoy driving it. But I don't know what to tell him about the hybrid...
  8. Report: Chevy Volt's range will be 25 miles on battery power, or maybe 50

    General Motors Discussion
    GM now says Volt can go 25-50 miles on batteries GM now says electric Chevrolet Volt can go 25-50 miles on batteries; old range was 40 miles Associated Press/Yahoo! Finance September 24, 2010 DETROIT (AP) -- General Motors on Thursday altered the expected range that its Chevrolet Volt electric...
  9. Ford uses innovative liquid-cooled battery system to help focus electric owners maxim

    Ford Corporate News
    The all-new Ford Focus Electric, which debuts in the U.S. late next year and in Europe in 2012, will be powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery that utilizes heated and cooled liquid to help maximize battery life and gas-free driving range. More...
  10. Chevrolet Volt Battery Gets 8-Year/100,000-Mile Warranty

    General Motors Discussion
    Just the Facts: GM announces an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty for its Volt battery. Warranty will cover all 161 components in the advanced lithium-ion batteries, plus the thermal management and charging systems and the electric drive components. BROWNSTOWN TOWNSHIP, Michigan — General Motors...
  11. Ford Receives Michigan Tax Credits For Future Electric Vehicles, Battery Development

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD RECEIVES MICHIGAN TAX CREDITS FOR FUTURE ELECTRIC VEHICLES, BATTERY DEVELOPMENT Ford receives $55 million incentive in refundable tax credits from Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to continue work in electric vehicle and battery development. Incentive will help accelerate...
  12. Ford To Offer First Battery Electric Commercial Vehicle In 2010

    Ford Car Discussion
    FORD TO OFFER FIRST BATTERY ELECTRIC COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ON GLOBAL TRANSIT CONNECT PLATFORM The first product in Ford’s aggressive new electric vehicle plan, a battery electric-powered version of Ford’s global Transit Connect commercial vehicle, will be offered in 2010 Ford is collaborating...
  13. Ford announces battery partner, family of plug in-hybrid vehicles by 2012

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford, EPRI Add 7 New Utility Partners, Battery Maker To Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Program Seven electric utility providers are joining the Ford and Electric Power Research Institute plug-in hybrid electric vehicle program to conduct real world testing with Ford Escape PHEVs. Utility companies...
  14. Volt: battery is the least of GM's Problems

    General Motors Discussion
    Chevy Volt: Traveling Public Roads and Hitting Its Mark
  15. New Think: Buy the Electric Car, Lease the Battery

    Ford Motor Company Discussion Green Wombat popped into the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco this afternoon, where venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and others are confabbing about the latest trends and opportunities in green technology...