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  1. Lexus NX 4x4 is shaping up to battle Audi Q5

    Competition News
    Lexus NX 4x4 is shaping up to battle Audi Q5 Exclusive first picture of the new Lexus NX SUV, a £30k crossover on sale in October 2014 Lexus has revealed that its new NX crossover will arrive in the UK in October, and prices are expected to start at around £30,000 – putting it in close...
  2. Is there a Volt vs Fusion Energi Battle Brewing for June?

    Ford Car Discussion
    Image from For the past 6 months, the inventory for the Volt maintained a about the same as the Prius plug-in at around 1900 units in dealer stock. But over the past week, Volt daily inventory volume has increased to 9,264 as of today. But it gets more interesting. The Ford...
  3. 2012-2013 Midsize Sedan Comparison: Battle of the Best-Sellers

    Automotive Industry News
    3RD PLACE: Ford Fusion SE The Aston of family sedans If looks alone determined the finishing order, we'd probably have our winner right here. Admittedly, the new Fusion isn't as sleek in the metal as some of its photos might suggest, but this is still a great-looking sedan, an Aston Martin...
  4. Battle Fiesta: Hatch Vs. Sedan, Auto Vs. Stick

    FIN Headline News
    Battle Fiesta: Hatch Vs. Sedan, Auto Vs. Stick FIN has driven every Fiesta combination...and has come to conclusions. March 9, 2011 By: Nick Saporito Last August during the launch of the 2011 Fiesta sub-compact, FIN reviewed the sedan variant of Ford’s first entry into...
  5. Ford and GM's heavyweight battle

    Automotive Industry News
    SYNC v. OnStar Ford and GM's heavyweight battle Automotive News Jamie LeRue December 13, 2010 Craig Brown's Orlando-based sales job requires him to be on the phone while he's on the road. For that, he needs an in-car communication system like Ford Motor Co.'s Sync or General Motors Co.'s...
  6. Battle of the Sixes: Ford Mustang V6 takes on Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 and Nissan 37

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Coupe, Performance, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Reviews V6 Sports Car Comparison - Click above for high-res image gallery This comparison test couldn't have happened just a few short months ago. Sure, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe has been around since 2009. And not counting a...
  7. GM 'In a battle for their life'

    General Motors Discussion
    Autoblog Analysts: GM 'In a battle for their life' According to the Center of Automotive Research (CAR), General Motors is the trauma patient with doctors gathered around the gurney giving their all to save it -- and just outside the ER doors, nurses are holding back concerned parties and...
  8. Battle of the Beds: Suave S.U.V.’s With Pickup Lines

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    By JERRY GARRETT SOMETHING about the new Ford Explorer Sport Trac evokes, for me, a Butterfield stagecoach. The passengers go in the coach, the loot is in the strongbox in back, and the horses, of course, are under the hood. Ford could have taken the theme further, but I suppose the driver and...