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  1. Ford Hybrids, Energi and BEVs Dominate Toyota!

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Hybrids, Energi and BEVs Dominate Toyota! It's no secret that Ford is targeting Toyota with each new hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle offered, and the Camry Hybrid is the #2 target behind the Prius lift back. But with Ford able to crank up production at Flat Rock to produce...
  2. Ford to expand Into EU with BEVs and Hybrids

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    •Ford commits to introduce five full-electric and hybrid models in Europe by 2013 as part of its global electric vehicles plan •To start, zero-emission Ford Transit Connect Electric to launch in 2011, followed by Focus Electric in 2012 •Two new hybrid-electric models and a plug-in...