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  1. Black grille with built in LED light bar for F150

    Ford Truck Discussion
    LED lightbars are definitely in trend now, as they look really awesome on trucks and SUV's. Today you can see different kinds of roof and bumper mount lightbars, but if you want your truck to stand out from the crowd, check out the Tourch Series T-Rex custom grilles with integrated LED light...
  2. 2016 Lincoln MKC Black Label Grille

    Lincoln Discussion
    Saw my first 2016 MKC Black Label and noticed it has picked up a blackened grille similar to the MKZ. Here are some photos of both MKC and MKZ. My Lincoln dealerships are actually stocking a good selection of BL cars, although it doesn't look like they are visible in public inventory...
  3. Updated Black Label minisite

    Lincoln Brand News
    link: with the MKX BL! and new videos of the X!
  4. Review: 2015 Lincoln MKC Black Label AWD

    Lincoln Brand News
    Review: 2015 Lincoln MKC Black Label AWD Leftlane | May 18, 2015 The reintroduction of the Lincoln brand comes with many readjustments to the way business is conducted today. The 2015 Lincoln MKC Black Label AWD is a textbook example of the new style that is now in vogue. It was introduced...
  5. Lincoln Showcases Black Label Elegance with Exclusive Event

    Lincoln Discussion
    It's nice to see Lincoln pushing their "Black Label" offering... LINCOLN SHOWCASES BLACK LABEL ELEGANCE WITH EXCLUSIVE EVENT AT DALLAS PRIVATE RESIDENCE - Lincoln Motor Company takes its Black Label at Home tour to private residence in Dallas’ exclusive Urban Reserve neighborhood - Black...
  6. 730 horsepower 2015 Saleen 302 Black Label Mustang unveiled

    Mustang Discussion
    Looks nice, like the wheels too. From the press release: Saleen combined the reliability and potency of the 5.0L Coyote motor with a twin-screw supercharger. The pair produces the most power from a production Mustang yet at 730 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque on 91 octane gas. 11 pictures...
  7. Ford Fiesta Black Edition with Polish Model Agata Photoshoot

    Ford Car Discussion
    I like the car and Agata From the article: As you may have noticed, this isn't your average Fiesta. It's not the ST model either, but the Fiesta Black Edition, packing the most extreme 1-liter engine ever put on a production car. Instead of the 100 hp the 1.0 EcoBoost puts out, this thing has...
  8. 2015 Lincoln MKZ Black Label Wins Two Awards at Texas Auto Roundup

    Lincoln Brand News
    2015 Lincoln MKZ Black Label Wins Two Awards at Texas Auto Roundup Lincoln ​The 2015 Lincoln MKZ Black Label won two awards at the recent Texas Auto Roundup held by the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA). Fifty-two journalists attending the annual event chose the 2015 Lincoln MKZ Black...
  9. ALL 2016 Lincoln MKX OrderGuides: [BL] + regular

    FIN Headline News
    Well, I obtained and added the non-BL order guide as well. After all, not everybody is going to go the BL-route.
  10. Lincoln black label elevates craftsmanship, quality, service with unique luxury offer

    Lincoln Brand News
    LINCOLN BLACK LABEL ELEVATES CRAFTSMANSHIP, QUALITY, SERVICE WITH UNIQUE LUXURY OFFERINGS The Lincoln Motor Company introduces Lincoln Black Label for customers who desire the ultimate in personal service and luxuriously appointed vehicles Lincoln Black Label versions of MKZ and MKC will...
  11. My 15 Minutes with Black Label Lincolns

    Lincoln Discussion
    3 Lincoln vehicles presented to Ford employees, (2) MKC & (1) MKZ. All 3 represented a different BL variant, Oasis/Modern Heritage/Indulgence. It was hard to pick a favorite, as they are all stunning, but if pressed, I like the lighter colors in such small vehicles. And I mean small. The MKZ...
  12. Black Label Launch

    Lincoln Discussion
    Got this in my email this morning. Hello Wings, Black Label - the ultimate expression of the Lincoln brand - will launch next month in key luxury markets throughout the U.S. The Lincoln team is offering employees in Southeast Michigan an exclusive sneak preview of the collection on Tuesday...
  13. 2015 Ford Fiesta Red and Black Editions revealed

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Fiesta Red and Black Editions revealed Auto Express Ford Fiesta Red/Black Edition review Ford has announced two sporty new additions to the Fiesta range called the Fiesta Red Edition and the Ford Fiesta Black Edition. This brand new version of Britain’s best-selling car uses a more...
  14. 2015 Lincoln Navigator will not be available with Black Label?????

    Lincoln Discussion
    I posted in Lincoln FB about the Navigator Black Label and I got this response: #LincolnBlackLabel will not be available on the 2015 Lincoln Navigator, but look for it on the #LincolnMKC! :yikes:
  15. All-New Lincoln MKC Shares Spotlight at ESSENCE Magazine’s Black Women in Music

    Lincoln Discussion
    All-New Lincoln MKC Shares Spotlight at ESSENCE Magazine’s Black Women in Music The newest vehicle from the Lincoln Motor Company – the Lincoln MKC – will share the spotlight with one of the emerging voices in music – Emeli Sandé – at the ESSENCE Black Women in Music celebration. The all-new...
  16. Vossen Black Friday Discount
  17. Land Rover could expand Autobiography Black trim to other Range Rovers

    European Competition
    Land Rover could expand Autobiography Black trim to other Range Rovers There are two things that set the new flagship Range Rover apart from the rest. For one, it's longer than the already commodious SUV on which it's based. For another, it comes in an exclusive new trim level which Land...
  18. 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography Black LWB is a $185k mountain-climbing limo

    European Competition
    2014 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography Black LWB is a $185k mountain-climbing limo Land Rover is seriously amping up its luxury credentials at the 2013 LA Motor Show, showing off its new Range Rover Autobiography Black. Available only in the off-road manufacturer's new long-wheelbase...
  19. Lincoln Black Label makes its debut at Pebble Beach

    Lincoln Brand News New interior trim and wow I got to say it looks great! Three new colors too Black Tie, Confidential White, and Chroma Couture. Finally leather stitched dash too! They also had images of an MKC Black Label but...
  20. LINCOLN [Black Label]...what is it, what SHOULD it be?

    Lincoln Discussion
    thanks to new member, TaurusSHO there's trademark news that FLincMoCo has registerd "Black Label" for Lincoln I posted this ON Lincoln's facebook page so: urgent COMMENT ON FACEBOOK before Lincoln deletes it so What should a [Black Label] Lincoln be like? & Could there be other color 'Labels'...