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  1. AstonMartin + Bond = DB10 Spectre

    European Competition
    Built for Bond - Aston Martin debuts unique car for Spectre Published: Dec 04, 2014
  2. Ford has first bond sale since being upgraded

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Motor Co. sold $1.5 billion of bonds in its first benchmark issue since the second-largest U.S. automaker regained investment-grade ratings from Moody's Investors Service last month. Ford Motor Credit Co., the carmaker's financing unit, sold the 3-percent, five-year notes at a spread of...
  3. Reuters: GM Bond Holders Deal; Germany Tries to Steal Opel

    General Motors Discussion
  4. Mazda to Seek Japan’s Aid After Being Shut Out of Bond Market

    Mazda Discussion
    March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Mazda Motor Corp., burdened with the second-worst credit rating among Japan’s carmakers and a 62 percent surge in short-term borrowing this fiscal year, plans to apply for government aid as it consumes cash. “We can’t sell bonds right now,” said Nobuyoshi Tochio...
  5. The new Bond star is here: 2009 Ford Ka!

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ka let out of bag A leading UK monthly car mag has let the Ka out of the bag. Pictured ahead of the official embargo, it looks like my subscription to the well-known publication has paid off. Expect to see the car first at the Paris motor show, and then in a highly contrived cameo...
  6. Is this the New Fiesta in the Upcoming James Bond Movie

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    New Fiesta in the Upcoming James Bond Movie Ford looks to have itself secured with the James Bond Film franchise even after getting rid of Aston Martin. We just came across this by chance. After reviewing the trailer of the movie on YouTube, noticed the familiar Ford Rims with Verve concept...