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  1. GM, Ford Tie Staff Bonuses to Vehicle Quality

    Automotive Industry News
    For more about GM, Ford Tie Staff Bonuses to Vehicle Quality and lots of other great stuff visit
  2. Ford awards Mulally nearly $12 million in performance bonuses

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford awards Mulally nearly $12 million in performance bonuses Automotive News March 5, 2013 DETROIT (Reuters) -- Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally this week was awarded performance bonuses worth nearly $12 million, Ford disclosed to U.S. regulators on Tuesday. The amount Mulally makes from the...
  3. Chevy refuses to pay bonuses to dealer with Bass Pro Shops-style showroom

    General Motors Discussion
    By Chris Tutor Posted Oct 23rd 2012 7:00PM Avid duck hunter Marc Heitz knows ducks would rather land on a pond already populated by ducks. Heitz is also a Chevy dealer, and when it came time to build a new facility, he figured car shoppers were a lot like ducks. "When people see other...
  4. Ford Renews Salary Increases, Performance Bonuses

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Renews Salary Increases, Performance Bonuses By JAMES DETAR The only major U.S. automaker not to take federal bailout money during the recent recession is showing confidence in its future and the economy by giving raises and bonuses to 20,000 white-collar workers. Ford's (F)...
  5. AIG bonuses >> 90% TAX!!!

    Diablo's Den
    my first thread in the "Den" just happened upon: House passes bill taxing AIG and other bonuses By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER (Associated Press Writer) From Associated Press March 19, 2009 8:33 PM EDT WASHINGTON - Denouncing a "squandering of the people's money," lawmakers voted decisively Thursday...
  6. Ford Motor Company To Offer New Round Of Bonuses

    Ford Employee Discussion
    FORD MOTOR COMPANY TO OFFER NEW ROUND OF BONUSES TO NORTH AMERICAN EMPLOYEES In an effort to reward the hard work of both its Blue and White Collar employees for their hard work in helping with Ford's North American Turnaround, Ford Motor Company is preparing to issue a new round of bonuses...
  7. Ford dangles bonuses to UAW by company performance

    Ford Corporate News Ford Motor Co. is proposing annual bonuses for union workers based on the company's performance as part of its effort to win more favorable contract terms from the United Auto Workers, according to a person familiar...