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  1. Ford Hybrid Vehicle Sales Break Full-Year Record in First Five Months of 2013

    Ford Corporate News
    May-31-2013 6:30 AM ET DEARBORN – Ford Motor Company bested its previous full-year hybrid sales record in just the first five months of 2013, driven by the product strength of its new electrified vehicle lineup including Ford C-MAX Hybrid, Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Fusion...
  2. What Lincoln Lacks Is A Halo (from Car News Break)

    Lincoln Brand News
    What Lincoln Lacks Is A Halo By Todd DeMezaContributing WriterAugust 15th, 2011 If there are any faults that the Lexus ES350 has, it has to be its “lesser” sibling—the Toyota Camry. While the Lexus will have a bit more power, slightly nicer features and some better quality interior pieces than...
  3. Mulally Pushes Greener German Fords to Break Volkswagen

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Mulally Pushes Greener German Fords to Break Volkswagen Bloomberg Ford Motor Co. (F), seeking to boost its image and its prices in Germany, is up against car buyers like Stefanie Weiland. “Ford’s reputation over here is deplorable,” said Weiland, 46, a former Ford owner, as she shopped at a...
  4. Ford, Jiangling break ground on Chinese plant

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford and China's Jiangling broke ground earlier today on a $300 million assembly plant in central China. China - Ford Motor Company - Asia - Ford - Automotive industry [url=]More...
  5. Autoblog: Toyota attacks potential Volt-only tax break

    General Motors Discussion
    Autoblog Toyota attacks potential Volt-only tax break Automotive News reports that Toyota is preparing a statement for a congressional hearing on the progress of EVs, the results of which could influence legislation that gives a big $7,500 tax credit to any hybrid with a battery pack rated...
  6. GM, UAW Take Break from Contract Negotiations

    Ford Employee Discussion
    DETROIT — Bargainers for General Motors Corp.(GM) and the United Auto Workers took a break early Monday amid optimism that they are getting closer to reaching a critical contract agreement. Negotiations came to an end just before 3 a.m. after a marathon 16-hour session on Sunday and Monday...
  7. Mazdaspeed6 Takes Break in 2008-CX-9 to get 3.7L V6!

    Mazda Discussion
    This just in on the news wires from Left Lane, The Mazdaspeed6 Sedan will go on hiatus in 2008 in preperation for the next generation Mazda6 and instead, Mazda will "shoe-horn" a 3.7 Liter V6 into the Seven Passanger Mazda CX-9 Crossover. Here is the full release from Left Lane...
  8. Mazda Racers Spell Spring Break “zoom Zoom” In Annual Sebring Speedfest

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Mustang's @ Raguna IRVINE, Calif. - Sebring isn’t just a race. It’s an endurance racing classic, backed up by over half a century of tradition. Support is provided by a great portfolio of sprint races for sports car and open wheel racers. There were more Mazda powered cars in more races than any...