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    Why do some manufacturers like Ford omit the engine temp gauge on B-segment cars and just put a warning light instead? Is an engine temp gauge that expensive? Ford Fiesta Some competitors with engine temp gauge Kia Rio Hyundai i20 (Europe, India etc)
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    Global B-Segment Launches on the Rise FordInsideNews March 29, 2013 By: Austin Rutherford 2012 could have been called the C-segment year for Ford with the new generation Focus launching in China and ASEAN. This was continued with the launches of the C-Max in North America and the Escape/Kuga...
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    2014 Ford Fiesta ST brings the heat to the B-segment 2014 Ford Fiesta ST brings heat to the B-segment By Jeffrey N. Ross Posted Nov 28th 2012 3:28PM For hot hatch buyers who might find the Focus ST a little out of their price range, the 2014...