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  1. Brits Proportionally Buying More V8 Ford Mustangs Than Americans

    Automotive Industry News
    Read more about Brits Proportionally Buying More V8 Ford Mustangs Than Americans at
  2. 10 Great Cars Nobody's Buying - LeftlaneNews

    Automotive Industry News
    interesting article imho, that I stuck in this section as a counterpoint to the Most Anticipated thread... ...not sure how accurate their "instead of" cars are, but neat idea 10 Great Cars Nobody is Buying - LeftlaneNews By Andrew Ganz Friday, Sep 21st, 2012 ...A while ago, we made a list of...
  3. Italy buying top trim new Focus

    Ford Car Discussion
    I was reading an Italian article on the new Focus, and thought I would post some of the sales stats Since sales of the new Focus began March 2011, 90 percent of the customers have purchased the top trim Titanium , and the new 1.6l 150hp Ecoboost is has been chosen by 30 percent, which is...
  4. Canadian buying from the USA

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Hi everyone, Just wondering if there's currently a directive at F-L dealers not to sell to canadians. Even with our strong dollar, the price difference still averages 10% or more favouring the USA. Also as a sub-question, will I have to pay state sale tax? And where is the lower in the...
  5. Americans are buying Fords - DetroitFreePress

    Ford Corporate News
    via ausrutherford Americans are buying Fords - DetroitFreePress 'Drive One' slogan isn't connecting with public BY BRENT SNAVELY • FREE PRESS BUSINESS WRITER • June 7, 2009 While experts continue debating whether Ford Motor Co. can survive without the federal money propping up GM and...
  6. Why Ford should start buying back Aston Martin

    Letters To Ford
    Why Ford should start buying back Aston Martin Ok, so we all know the story why Ford had to sell most of Aston Martin back in 2006. Ford needed the cash as they saw the need to restructure. That restructuring is nearly over now and even though Ford is still losing money due to the economy...
  7. Reuters: Ford Has Spoken With Renault About Buying Volvo

    European Competition
    Report: Ford has had talks with Renault to sell Volvo Automotive News | June 30, 2008 - 3:00 pm EST NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Ford Motor Co. has had exploratory talks with French automaker Renault SA to sell Volvo, but the initial talks broke down due to price differences, sources familiar...
  8. DaimlerBenz buying AstonMartin?

    European Competition
    LeftLaneNews < link "...The news is not confirmed, but is alleged to come from well-placed sources in Germany. There have been reports of the two working together as recently as March, including Aston's interest in MB's hybrid technology and mention of the two teaming up on projects, so there...
  9. Autocar: Magna considers buying Volvo, Land Rover

    Ford Corporate News
    AUTOCAR Magna considers buying Volvo, Land Rover 7/3/2007 Automotive supplier, manufacturer and component maker Magna is said to be considering purchasing Land Rover and Volvo. Parent company Ford confirmed that Land Rover was up for sale in June, and it would be open to offers for its Swedish...