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  1. Changan Ford buys Hafei Assembly Plant in Northeast China

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Changan Ford buys Hafei assembly plant in northeast China Automotive News China | 2015/3/24 Changan Ford Automobile Co. is acquiring an assembly plant owned by Hafei Automotive Industry Group Co. in the northeast China city of Harbin to expand vehicle production. "Changan Ford will utilize...
  2. Texas man buys Babe Ruth's last Lincoln

    Lincoln Discussion
    By Zach Bowman Posted Oct 21st 2012 5:32PM Lonnie Shelton of Pampa, Texas has just become the proud new owner of a 1948 Lincoln Continental once owned by Babe Ruth himself. The hardtop coupe has the dark distinction being Ruth's last...
  3. Saab Lives: Investment Group Buys Swedish Automaker to Build Electric Cars

    Competition News
    Colum Wood Jun 13, 8:17 AM AutoGuide The future of Saab will have less to do with airplanes and more to do with household appliances, with the news today that a Chinese-Japanese investment group has purchased the bankrupt Swedish automaker. The investment group, comprised of Sun Investment of...
  4. Audi Buys Ducati for $1.12 Billion

    Competition News
    Stephen Elmer Apr 17, 11:21 AM AutoGuide While rumors have swirled around this business venture, it is now out that Audi has agreed to buy Italian motorcycle giant Ducati for €860 million Euros, or about $1.12 Billion. Two unnamed sources who are familiar with the case said that Ducati...
  5. VW buys Porsche

    European Competition
    VW to pay $11.28 billion for all of Porsche: report Reuters - June 22, 2009. REUTERS Reporting by Christiaan Hetzner; Editing by Victoria Main FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Porsche SE's (PSHG_p.DE) controlling families will agree on Thursday to accept an offer by Volkswagen (VOWG.DE) to...
  6. GM buys additional stake in GMAC

    General Motors Discussion
  7. Fiat buys 35-55% of Chrysler

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    just heard verbal confirmation on CNBC (& the upto 55% part)... Fiat May Take Up to 35% Equity Stake in Chrysler, FT Says --- Bloomberg By Mike Ramsey Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Fiat SpA has agreed in principle to take up to a 35 percent stake in Chrysler LLC with an option to increase its stake...
  8. GMi: Member Jry buys a Hybrid, a Ford Hybrid

    Member's Driveway
  9. Financial Times: GAZ owner buys 5% stake in GM

    General Motors Discussion
    Meet GM largest individual stockholder and say: привет ___________________________________ Russian tycoon buys GM stake By John Reed in London Tuesday Aug 7 2007 16:37 Oleg Deripaska, the owner of Russia's biggest aluminium maker, has acquired a stake in General Motors of just under 5 per...