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  1. BMW Launches New Campaign to Showcase Innovations [Video]

    Competition News
    [SIZE=5]BMW Launches New Campaign to Showcase Innovations
  2. Food Network and Lincoln Motor Company Partner on Promotion Campaign

    Lincoln Brand News
    Food Network and Lincoln Motor Company Partner on Promotion Campaign Shaw Media's Food Network Canada has partnered with the Lincoln Motor Company of Canada on a new campaign combining the passion Food Network celebrity chefs have in the kitchen with the passion Lincoln has in creating the new...
  3. Ford plans EcoBoost engine ad campaign and a mention of the Super Segment

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Motor Co. will launch an ad campaign touting its EcoBoost engine brand within the next two weeks, the company said today."We invited non-Ford owners to experience Ford vehicles and competitive vehicles. This campaign will capture their unbiased feedback and impressions," said David...
  4. Cadillac To Campaign CTS-V Coupe In SCCA World Challenge

    Competition News
    Cadillac To Campaign CTS-V Coupe In SCCA World Challenge Cadillac will return to racing with a two car team in the SCCA World Challenge, echoing previous efforts at LeMans and the former Speed World Challenge series. The new team will be a factory backed effort fielding two CTS-V Coupes...
  5. Lincoln Targets Women in New Advertising Campaign for MKX

    Lincoln Brand News
    LINCOLN TARGETS WOMEN IN NEW URBAN ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN FOR 2011 LINCOLN MKX CROSSOVER Ford Press Release Today Lincoln launches a new urban ad campaign called “Touch Me All Over” that highlights the technology, luxury and style found on the 2011 Lincoln MKX crossover The campaign features...
  6. Lincoln Debuts "Smarter Than Luxury" Campaign

    FIN Headline News
    Lincoln Debuts "Smarter Than Luxury" Campaign New marketing for Ford's luxury division intended to educate consumer's on technology. September 30, 2010 By: Nick Saporito Today Ford Motor Company announced that the Lincoln brand would be taking a new marketing direction...
  7. Lincoln Uses Lighting & Star Power in New Ad Campaign

    Lincoln Discussion
    LINCOLN USES LIGHTING AND STAR POWER TO SHOWCASE LUXURY, TECHNOLOGY IN NEW ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN Ford Press Release Lincoln is debuting a new ad campaign called “Smarter Than Luxury,” featuring a new look and feel, designed to shine a spotlight on the technology and craftsmanship that...
  8. Unique, tech-savvy campaign launches 2011 ford edge

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    UNIQUE, TECH-SAVVY CAMPAIGN LAUNCHES 2011 FORD EDGE Ford Press Release September 9, 2010 2011 Ford Edge comes to market with unique print, television and digital advertising showcasing the vehicle’s MyFord Touch™ driver connect technology, its sharp exterior design and unsurpassed fuel...
  9. Chevy Cruze TV ad campaign begins

    General Motors Discussion
    Chevrolet Cruze Television Advertising Begins GM Press Release Chevrolet's first television ads for the all-new Cruze compact begin airing Tuesday. Featuring the voice of movie and TV star Tim Allen, the ads focus on interior features and quality, backed by superlative media comments...
  10. Video: Ford kicks off Fiesta marketing campaign, "It's a pretty big deal"

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Marketing/Advertising, Ford 2011 Ford Fiesta - Click above for high-res image gallery Actually, the Ford Fiesta marketing campaign started well over a year ago with the Fiesta Movement social media effort. The primary advertising campaign is now moving into the more traditional...
  11. GM Changes its Logo New Ad Campaign

    General Motors Discussion
    GM Changes its Logo New Ad Campaign lot of news was made today regarding loan repayment and the expediting of the Chevrolet Volt launch, but there was one tid-bit that received no coverage: GM has changed its logo. For decades, the symbol of the General Motors Corporation was this: Around...
  12. Next Focus to debut with one advirtising campaign worldwide

    Ford Car Discussion
    There will be just one advertising campaign to launch the 2011 Ford Focus next year even though the car will be sold on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. It may not sound like much, but consider that the first Focus, which debuted as a 2000 model, had dozens of campaigns catering to different...