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  1. Lincoln Discussion
    I'm trying to track my 16' Lincoln MKX build but the cotusb site seems to only work for US vehicles. Can someone confirm that? Is there a Canadian equivalent?
  2. Automotive Industry News
    Read more about the Ford GT to be Built by Canadian Racing Partner at
  3. Automotive Industry News
    Read more about the Subaru Legacy and Ford F-150 Win the Canadian Car and Utility of the Year Awards at
  4. Suggest A News Article
    For this complete story, Subaru Legacy and Ford F-150 Win the Canadian Car and Utility of the Year Awards and other up-to-the-minute news please visit
  5. Lincoln Discussion
    Lincoln MKC Makes its Canadian West Coast Debut Ford ​VANCOUVER - The all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC, the brand’s first small luxury crossover vehicle, celebrated a special west coast debut in Vancouver, British Columbia. Local media were given the exclusive opportunity to preview the vehicle at a...
  6. Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Selects Canadian Plant to Build All-New Global Utility Vehicle for Export to More Than 60 Countries • Ford will build an all-new Edge utility vehicle for global markets at its Oakville Assembly plant, near Toronto, and export to more than 60 countries • Adding a new global product at...
  7. Ford Corporate News
    FORD’S $700 MILLION INVESTMENT AT OAKVILLE SOLIDIFIES 2,800 JOBS TO MEET GLOBAL CUSTOMER DEMAND Ford Motor Company, Canada’s top-selling automaker, is investing C$700 million at its Oakville Assembly plant, securing more than 2,800 jobs and expanding its manufacturing capability to...
  8. Ford Corporate News
    Investment plan in works for Oakville plant Craig: "It's between the business partners that we have, certainly the government, that will enable us to at least keep the footprint that we have today." May 21, 2013 - 12:49 pm ET TORONTO (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co., Canada's top-selling...
  9. Ford Corporate News
    Ford looking to increase Canadian crossover plant to build export model By Andrew Ganz Jul 14th, 2011 LLN Ford Motor Company is looking to increase both the number and type of vehicles it assembles at its Oakville, Ontario, assembly plant, according to the automaker’s Canadian CEO. David...
  10. Ford Truck Discussion
    Ford announced that it has secured a crucial contract with the Canada Post that will replace its aging fleet of postal service delivery vehicles. Ford won the contract after an open request for proposal process. The United States Postal Service operates the largest civilian vehicle fleet in...
  11. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Hi everyone, Just wondering if there's currently a directive at F-L dealers not to sell to canadians. Even with our strong dollar, the price difference still averages 10% or more favouring the USA. Also as a sub-question, will I have to pay state sale tax? And where is the lower in the...
  12. Ford Car Discussion
    Ford Canada website for Follow the Fiesta 8 cars 4 cities across Canada, cars are in Quebec City now, then Montreal , Toronto and Vancouver. Plus a chance to win a Fiesta contest. Check it out.
  13. Ford Corporate News
    Ford Takes Canadian Sales Crown, First Time in Half Century For the first time in 50 years Ford has taken the top spot in monthly vehicles sales in Canada -- and a St. Thomas-made vehicle helped pushed them into the top spot. Ford Canada reported yesterday it sold 27,408 vehicles in June, a...
1-13 of 14 Results