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  1. 2017 Ford Capri

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  2. Could The Next Generation Mustang Be Sold As A Capri In Europe?

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    An article from Autoevolution introduces a speculative rendering of a new Capri which looks simular to the Evos and some Mustang renderings. Could "One Ford" use the Capri name in Europe for the next gen Mustang? Link to article...
  3. Ford Capri – The Legend is Back

    Ford Brand News - Global
    FORD CAPRI – THE LEGEND IS BACK by Nikolai Kalenski 5 July 2011 Automobiles Review After the Scirocco, the Beetle and the Mini, it is time for another legend to comeback on stage. Ford has announced that for the 40th anniversary of the Capri, a new model will be launched on the market both to...
  4. The "Yurp": CLS unused sketches, Ford 'Capri' News, more...

    Ford Corporate News
    "Each week, our German correspondent slices and dices the latest rumblings, news, and quick-hit driving impressions from the other side of the pond. His byline may say Jens Meiners, but we simply call him . . . the Continental." (but 2b2 knows all CONTINENTALs are Lincolns... so calls this...
  5. My theory for a Lincoln Capri

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Uploaded with Uploaded with I haven't read of anythng about a Lincoln Capri, but I am applying a bit of non-scientific logic when I say that using a couple past L/M cars, I could present a case that we might see a Lincoln Capri! 1) Lincoln Zephyr 2) Mercury...
  6. Ford Capri coming at last

    Ford Car Discussion
    ...Just as Volkswagen has done with the stunning Scirocco, Ford is seeking to reinvent one of its most famous sports cars... My mom had one of the originals, a '74 2000cc with a 4 speed. Because my aunt...
  7. Report: Ford bringing back the Capri as three-door Focus variant

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    The re-ascendancy of coupe and hatchback body styles over the past year on the strength of fuel economy concerns and record oil prices has brought with it a rumor of the rebirth of the Ford Capri (classic version pictured), and that rumor continues with the latest updates. Like Volkswagen did...
  8. MercCollaboration ...Capri?

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    GrandPrix08 @ GMI gave me permission to post a mixture I made of several of his recent drawings (sorry about the color - looks very diff on my laptop... ...right now I'm on a friend's MAC :eek: ) his Mercury Capri thread his Buick SkyHawk thread (which provided the main body) other bits and...
  9. Mercury Capri News?

    Mercury Discussion
    i saw this over on BON, came from motertrend or top speed, seems to be 2008 news though: QUOTE History seems to be repeating itself. The original Capri was sold as a "baby Mustang" for the European market, and made its first appearance in the U.S. as a Mercury. Now that Ford intends to revive...
  10. Ford Prepares the Return of Capri

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    Ford Prepares the Return of Capri It's the car every Ford fan has been waiting to see! Here’s the new Capri. The original was one of the most famous and best loved models in the firm’s history, and left the scene in the late Eighties. Now, the time has come to reinvent the classic...
  11. euroFord Capri chop/hype

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    posting in (THE) Tavern cuz I don't believe this has any reality behind it... ...although* anyhoo it seems to be all over the web today, possibly originating at but I can't find any article about it (might be just the print version for now) yet pix are out there from
  12. Mercury Capri

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Here's a Mercury Capri chop I did, based off the Euro Focus CC. I posted both for comparison.
  13. Ford/Mercury Capri

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    First let me say that this is related to the Mission Mercury thread and is posted there as well. And while not exactly Foose quality by any means I am hoping that my posting this here will liven up the number of contributions in that thread. I'd like to see this based on a new, inexpensive...