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  1. I just bought a 2015 C-max Energi and it doesn't have a cargo cover

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    The dealer is telling me some of the C-Max's just don't have covers and they can't order it from parts. What can I do in this situation? I would really like to have a cargo cover. I have already checked ebay, amazon and Ford accessories to see if I can buy one, but I cannot find a stand alone...
  2. Pet travel cargo liner for your furry friends at CARiD
    Hey guys, Further to our previous conversation we want to debut cargo liners manufactured by Canine Covers for your 4-legged friends. Because doggies or other pets accidentally on purpose may scratch and puncture the seat upholstery. Don't also forget about their 'aroma' and omnipresent fur...
  3. Old, Smaller Ford Cargo Receives Facelift in South America

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    Autos Segredos
  4. Blue Oval's new Cargo cab-over rig is largest "One Ford" initiative yet

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    Blue Oval's new Cargo cab-over rig is largest "One Ford" initiative yet Autoblog January 24, 2013 by Chris Paukert The imposing commercial truck above has a feature that might be surprising to most Autoblog readers – a Blue Oval emblem on the front. Here in North America, Ford simply doesn't...
  5. Not For Us: Ford Transit Custom Cargo Van Launching in Europe

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    by: Jake Holmes April 17 2012 MT Next week, Ford will launch the new Transit Custom cargo van at the Birmingham Commercial Vehicle show in the U.K. The Transit Custom is the hard-working cargo version of the Tourneo Custom passenger van shown earlier this year, and goes on sale across Europe...
  6. Cargo Engineering/Production

    Ford Truck Discussion
    How about it. Can anyone tell me who engineered the new Cargo and who/where is it built? Just trying to find out if Ford has any big truck in-house talent capability left. Anything to get some insite into just where 650/750 might be headed. Thx
  7. Ford Turkey Unit to Produce New Cargo Trucks

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    Ford Turkey Unit to Produce New Cargo Trucks, Hurriyet Reports By Aydan Eksin Jun 27, 2011 Bloomberg Ford Otomotiv Sanayi AS (FROTO), Ford Motor Co. (F)’s Turkish unit in partnership with Koc Holding AS (KCHOL), will invest $75 million in research and development to make new Cargo trucks...
  8. Watch the new Cargo in Action

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    Quick note, video is in Portuguese (I think) so you might want to mute.
  9. All New Cargo Launches in Brazil

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    After 26 years in the market, Ford finally awoke to the reality of the domestic trucks and launched a new generation of Cargo. The 2012 model comes with new cabin design and new, the result of an investment of $ 670 million. The 2012 changes to Title fight with the "VW" Constellation, its...
  10. Ford Cargo (for S.Am.): automaker will unveil the next generation model in 22 days

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    Ford Cargo: automaker will unveil the next generation model in 22 days 4/03/2011 Launched in Brazil in 1985, the Ford Cargo remains essentially unchanged since it appeared here. To broaden its market and fight with the leader Volkswagen, Ford will put in the truck...