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  1. Should I Buy a Car with Cash?

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  2. Lincoln Offers $3,000 Conquest Cash for Lexus/Prius/Cadillac

    Lincoln Discussion
    Lincoln Offers $3,000 Conquest Cash for Lexus/Prius/Cadillac Lincoln Cadillac has been offering a $1,500 to non-GM owners + $750 for current GM owners to lease a new Cadillac. Ford brand has offered a $1,000 Conquest Cash offer on most models for quite a while, and has helped with conquest...
  3. 2014 Focus Electric Drop $6,000 with Cash Back!

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2014 Focus Electric Drop $6,000 with Cash Back! Now it gets interesting..... Checking the Ford website today, the 2014 Premium Ford Focus Electric that still has an MSRP of $35,170, is now offering a $6,000 Cash Back along with 0% Financing. This brings the loaded 2014 Focus...
  4. Buy this, not that: Are luxury cars worth the extra cash?

    Lincoln Discussion Ford Fusion or Lincoln MKZ? Honda Civic or Acura ILX? Deciding whether the luxury upgrades to automakers' base line-up can be difficult. As automakers offer more and more luxurious upgrades to their standard line-up...
  5. Lincoln: No holdback, more cash (maybe)

    Lincoln Discussion
    Jamie LaReau Automotive News -- September 24, 2012 - 12:01 am ET DETROIT -- Lincoln is radically revising the way it pays dealers as it seeks to reassert itself in the premium segment. No longer will Lincoln dealers get an automatic payment, known as a holdback, of 2 percent of a vehicle's...
  6. Moody Ups Ford's Credit Ratings citing strong cash flow

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford: Moody’s Ups Credit Rating; Strong Cash Flow Ahead October 8, 2010 Shares of Ford Motor (F) are up 24 cents, or 1.8%, at $13.56, after Moody’s Investors Service raised the company’s credit rating to Ba2 from B1, and improved Ford’s probability of default from “Ba2″ to...
  7. By the Numbers - August 2009: Cash for Clunkers Edition

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: FoMoCo sales up 17%, GM and Chrysler improve but still losing sales After reviewing the U.S. auto industry's sales numbers for August 2009, the true effect of the...
  8. Autonews: Cash for clunkers vaulted Ford sales in August, analysts say

    Ford Corporate News
    Automotive News AUGUST U.S. SALES Cash for clunkers vaulted Ford sales in August, analysts say Chrissie Thompson Automotive News August 31, 2009 - 4:31 pm ET The cash-for-clunkers program pushed Ford Motor Co.'s U.S. light-vehicle sales to the company's second-straight year-over-year increase...
  9. REPORT: Escape puts Ford back atop Cash For Clunkers sales pileup

    Ford Corporate News
    Source: Link: In America, we like our sports and love to keep score. Even when it comes to car-buying subsidies, we want to know which model is selling best. The government says the...
  10. REPORT: Cash for Clunkers could be dead tonight

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Courtesy of Congress allocated close to $1 billion for the Cash for Clunkers program. That's billion with nine zeros. And all that money might be gone by midnight tonight. This, according to reports by both the Detroit Free Press and Edmunds AutoObserver. We learned earlier that...
  11. Consumer Reports lists clunkers to cash in on

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Courtesy of With Congress on the verge of passing some kind of 'cash-for-clunkers' legislation, it's time to take a look at what cars are worth trading in for the scrappage credit and what models would be better to sell by other means. The good folks at Consumer Reports have come...
  12. Short on Cash, Toyota Forced to order Massive Recall

    Asian Competition
    Toyota to recall more than 1.35 million cars worldwide
  13. Mighty Toyota reportedly down to $18.5 billion in cash

    Asian Competition
    Toyota used to be in such a strong financial position that it earned the nickname the Bank of Toyota. That description no longer replies. Also, many industry observers are under the mistaken impression that Toyota has no corporate debt. That doesn’t apply anymore, either.As part of its ambitious...
  14. Ford burns through $7.7 billion in cash, only eight months' worth left

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford burns through $7.7 billion in cash, only eight months' worth left
  15. Autonews: GM delays most future product, r&d in cash crunch

    General Motors Discussion
    AUTOMOTIVE NEWS GM delays most future product, r&d in cash crunch JAMIE LAREAU AND ROBERT SHEREFKIN AUTOMOTIVE NEWS OCTOBER 29, 2008 - 12:01 AM ET DETROIT -- General Motors is postponing nearly all of its spending on product development in 2009 and 2010 -- a cost-cutting move that could...
  16. RenCen for Sale? Buy high, sell low: GM may unload RenCen for the cash

    General Motors Discussion
    DETROIT NEWS GM seeks deal for RenCen Carmaker may sell building if it can't borrow $500M; Pitch to be made to Detroit pension funds Robert Snell and Christine MacDonald / The Detroit News General Motors Corp. wants to borrow about $500 million from one or both of Detroit's pension funds to...
  17. Volvo Offers Cash To Thin The Herd

    European Competition
    NADA MAKE MEETINGS Volvo offers cash to thin the herd Mark Rechtin Automotive News | February 18, 2008 - 12:01 am EST SAN FRANCISCO — With sales declining, Volvo Cars of North America revealed its plan to winnow its dealer body. Volvo field executives will visit every dealer in the...
  18. AP: Ford: Jag Sale Would Bring Needed Cash

    European Competition
    AP Ford: Jag Sale Would Bring Needed Cash Wednesday September 12, 5:08 pm ET By Jeff Karoub, Associated Press Writer Ford Official: Automaker Needs Money From Jaguar, Land Rover Sale DETROIT (AP) -- The head of Ford Motor Co.'s European operations said Wednesday it's too soon to say if Ford...
  19. GM's Truckloads of Cash: Will It Put The Brakes on Toyota?

    Chrysler Group Discussion Forget the ads touting which full size pick-up has more hauling capacity, or which one can stop just before going over the edge of a cliff, or even which truck makes you feel more American, rural, or cowboy. None of that matters. Here's what talks with truck...
  20. Ford Shopping Land Rover And Jaguar For Cash?

    European Competition With Aston Martin obviously having already been sold off to private equity, Automotive News Europe is reporting FoMoCo's hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to shop around what's left of the Premier...