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  1. Tokyo 2011: Toyota FCV-R Fuel Cell Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    New Toyota FCV-R Fuel-Cell Concept Heading for Production in 2015 NOVEMBER 15, 2011 Carscoop Toyota's conceptual products at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show are a bit more than crowd pleasers as both the FT-EV III mini we showed you earlier today and the FCV-R study pictured here, are slated to enter...
  2. Frankfurt 2011: Mercedes B-Class Fuel Cell Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    IAA 2011: Mercedes-Benz Concept B-Class E-CELL PLUS SEPTEMBER 14, 2011 Carscoop Joining the regular version of the all-new B-Class in its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show is a concept model of Mercedes-Benz's small MPV. The Concept B-Class E-Cell PLUS is an advanced extended-range...
  3. GM Fuel Cell Prowess

    General Motors Discussion
    GM’s Fuel Cell System Shrinks in Size, Weight, Cost Testing Under Way on Production-Intent System for 2015 Commercialization on Schedule 2010-03-16 Burbank, Calif. – General Motors Co. is testing a production-intent hydrogen fuel cell system that can be packaged in the space of a traditional...
  4. Financial Times: Daimler and Ford to pursue fuel cell venture

    Ford Corporate News
    Daimler and Ford to pursue fuel cell venture By Bernard Simon in Toronto Thursday Nov 8 2007 14:20 Daimler and Ford Motor (NYSE:F) have set up a joint venture to pursue development of emission-free fuel cells for cars and trucks as an alternative to petrol engines. The two carmakers have given...
  5. GM Asks 100 People To Drive Fuell Cell Cars

    General Motors Discussion
    GM asks 100 people to test-drive fuel cell cars Leslie J. Allen Automotive News | October 22, 2007 - 3:54 pm EST NEW YORK — General Motors today kicked off an experiment that will place 100 hydrogen fuel cell powered Chevrolet Equinoxes into the hands of average consumers. Drivers in...
  6. Ford Sets Land Speed Record With Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 Fuel Cell Racecar

    Ford Car Discussion
    FORD SETS LAND SPEED RECORD WITH FORD FUSION HYDROGEN 999 FUEL CELL RACECAR Wendover, UT., Bonneville Speed Week, August 11-17, 2007-- The Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 is the world's first production based hydrogen fuel cell racecar. A team of Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] engineers designed and...
  7. Ford them Cell service?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Hey all Blue Oval fans, I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a mobile service that would be ford themed. I mean we could have all the latest news on our cell phones. The service that i"m thinking about would use the Verizon Network, so it would be reliable. Do you guys think I...
  8. Ford To Pursue Fuel Cell Vehicle Land Speed Record

    Ford Car Discussion
    Ford To Pursue Fuel Cell Vehicle Land Speed Record Ford Motor Company has partnered with Ohio State University and Rousch Racing to claim the World's Land Speed Record for a Fuel Cell Vehicle. Here is the article in its entirety from Left Lane As Always...Stay Fabulous! RG59061
  9. ABG Exclusive: Ford and OSU team up for fuel cell land speed record

    Ford Car Discussion Ford and Ohio State University are teaming up to attempt a double land speed record for fuel cell-powered vehicles. Ohio State already holds the land speed record for electrically driven vehicles at 315 mph with the battery-powered...