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  1. Most Beautiful Lincoln Concept of the 21st Century

    Lincoln Discussion
    Pick your favorite concept. If not on the list of choices, tell us the one you really like.
  2. Ford Magazine, Century of Change - Naturalist/Energi

    Ford Car Discussion
    CENTURY OF CHANGE Climbing through the Catskills in a 2014 Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid, a writer retraces the friendship between Henry Ford and naturalist John Burroughs. - My Ford Magazine By Seth Putnam Photography by Jonathan Kane ...As I pilot the Fusion Energi southwest through the...
  3. Lincoln lineup Timeline collaboration - this century - please help :-)

    Lincoln Discussion
    I'd like to have a reference of what Lincoln has actually had on sale (for this century so far) and could use some (a lot of) assistance... ...think it'd be helpful to have the age of the (platform/refresh) after each non-New model & month for Job1-or-1stSales on the new ones. The bold years are...
  4. Ford Mustang in the 21st and 1/10 Century!

    FIN Headline News
    All New Design Now with IRS FordInsideNews December 4, 2013 By: Austin Rutherford After an almost never ending wait and numerous embargo breaks giving us teasers, here it is: The All-New 2015 Ford Mustang! Technically in its sixth generation, Ford did not want to disappoint in any aspect of...
  5. 2014 Ford Transit Moves Full Size Utility Van into 21st Century

    FIN Headline News
    Multitude of Options Allow Replacement of E-Series December 14, 2012 By: Austin Rutherford In an effort to steal some thunder from their crosstown rivals, Ford has some truck news of their own. Today, Ford is officially pulling the wraps off the North American spec full...
  6. Ford Takes Canadian Sales Crown, First Time in Half Century

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Takes Canadian Sales Crown, First Time in Half Century For the first time in 50 years Ford has taken the top spot in monthly vehicles sales in Canada -- and a St. Thomas-made vehicle helped pushed them into the top spot. Ford Canada reported yesterday it sold 27,408 vehicles in June, a...
  7. 21st Century Model T

    Ford Corporate News
    UNIVERSITY STUDENTS COMPETE TO CREATE 21ST CENTURY MODEL T AACHEN, Germany, June 25, 2008 – A century after the Model T put the world on wheels, Ford is challenging five universities from around the world to dream big and create a Model T concept for the 21st century. Teams of undergraduate...