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  1. Is Cerberus "bailing-out"?

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Is Cerberus "BAILING-OUT"? chose this title cuz I really don't understand this... are they trying to 'foist' Chrysler off on anyone they can? ...little help? Cerberus to Give Up Chrysler Auto Equity for Loans - Bloomberg (Update3) By Jason Kelly Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Cerberus Capital...
  2. Oh my God: Cerberus is forcing GM to buy Chrysler!

    The Lounge
    Now i can understand why GM is planing to buy Chrysler: Cerberus is forcing them to do that! Cerberus own the 51% of GMAC ( the credit company of GM). GMAC is puting obstacles to the habitual GM customers for acces credits to buy GM cars. GM are selling few cars because GMAC is not permiting...