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  1. Big Change... in a small way

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    1. The Taurus: this great vehicle is going big and that means good news for the big people looking for comfort in a nice vehicle but for those looking for a 4-door driver, BAD NEWS. To get back to what I believe is the original SHO idea of a high HP & Torque in a 4-door, Ford should be looking...
  2. Do You Have to Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles?

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  3. Ford Magazine, Century of Change - Naturalist/Energi

    Ford Car Discussion
    CENTURY OF CHANGE Climbing through the Catskills in a 2014 Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid, a writer retraces the friendship between Henry Ford and naturalist John Burroughs. - My Ford Magazine By Seth Putnam Photography by Jonathan Kane ...As I pilot the Fusion Energi southwest through the...
  4. When Are We Going to Change the Website's Banner? Site Issues
    With the Focus refreshed and the F-150 and Edge redesigned, I think it's time for a banner update. Here's my suggestion: -New F-150 in the middle -Lincoln MKC on the left -Mustang on the right
  5. Ford presses change for Japan to join trade talks

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford presses change for Japan to join trade talks May 3, 2012 Automotive News (Reuters) -- Japan should be required to reduce the size of its auto industry before being allowed into regional free trade talks with the United States and eight other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, a top...
  6. Mulally: The next Ford Escape is going to change the world

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford CEO gives preview of Escape strategy Bloomberg/Businessweek March 15, 2011 Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally previewed his company's next Kentucky-made vehicle Tuesday night, saying the new version of the Escape small SUV that will roll off the assembly line at a retooled Louisville...
  7. Decade of Change: Top 10 Ways Your Car Has Changed in 10 Years

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Decade of Change: Top 10 Ways Your Car Has Changed in 10 Years Ford Press Release DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 4, 2011. -- The past decade has been revolutionary for several parts of our society, but few sectors have seen as much change since 2000 as the auto industry. Ten short years ago...
  8. Saginaw: GM workers approve contract change

    General Motors Discussion
    UAW-represented workers at General Motors's Nexteer steering plant in Saginaw approved contract changes Tuesday that requires them to give back raises in return for a cash payment and also includes a buy down for skilled trades workers. More...
  9. Chrysler to drop Sebring name, change small, midsize models

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Chrysler to drop Sebring name, change small, midsize models Facing a drumbeat of doubt about its pace of new car development, Chrysler is dropping clues that changes in its small and midsize cars may be more substantial and arrive sooner, based on recent comments from CEO Sergio Marchionne...
  10. Change one letter game!

    The Lounge
    How the game works: Start off with a word, for example cord you can only change one letter per entry So, I'll start it with, you guessed it... 4 letter words and only 4 letter words no adding letters or deleting letters the first one is Word
  11. Sales: Jag & Porsche Change Places

    European Competition
    As Jaguar snoozes, Porsche is the cat on the prowl Automotive News | 12:01 am, July 9, 2007 They're both legendary European prestige brands, but Porsche and Jaguar have never really moved in the same circles. Porsche was always a notch more exclusive in the United States. It also sold...
  12. Bp-ford Maintains World Title Lead Despite Results Change

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Reigning world champion BP-Ford maintained its lead in the FIA World Rally Championship manufacturers' standings despite a time penalty following tonight's finish of the Rally de Portugal. Marcus Grönholm and Timo Rautiainen and team-mates Event scrutineers drew the team's attention to the fact...
  13. 7500 Miles Per Oil Change

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford has been studying the question of when to suggest oil changes, and they've hit upon 7,500 miles for 2007 and newer cars. Not only are modern oils better, modern engines are also better. You don't have carburetors metering poorly on winter mornings, tolerances are a lot tighter, and...