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  1. Ford to Install First EV Charging Stations in Michigan

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford to Install First EV Charging Stations in Michigan Ford Motor Company is teaming up with General Electric to install its first electric vehicle charging stations network in Dearborn, Michigan. The new network, which will be available only to employees at first, will expand to more than 60...
  2. Tesla completes charging network for west coast- SFgate

    "Other" American Automakers Discussion
    Tesla Motors West Coast charging network now complete - Owners of the Tesla Motors electric Model S can now drive from San Diego to Vancouver without ever paying for juice. Tesla has finished installing its high-speed Supercharger stations up the length of the West Coast, the...
  3. Ford Installing 200 Charging Stations

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford Launches Electric Vehicle Charging Network for Employees - Customers Log 30 Million All-Electric Miles DEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Ford plans to install (an additional 200) electric vehicle charging stations at more than 50 of its company offices, product development...
  4. Ford Teams for Std. & Faster EV Charging - Media.FORD

    Automotive Industry News
    Ford Part of Team Working to Standardize and Speed up Electric Vehicle Charge Times - The following was issued jointly by Ford Motor Company, Audi, BMW N.A., Chrysler, Daimler, General Motors, Porsche, Volkswagen Eight global automakers to participate in charging display and...
  5. Early Volt buyers may get charging station

    General Motors Discussion
    Early buyers of the Chevrolet Volt electric car could receive a free home-charging station through a program by the U.S. Department of Energy, General Motors announced Thursday. More...