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  1. Shanghai 2013: Chery Beta 5 Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Chery Beta 5 concept SUV for the Shanghai Auto Show APRIL 16, 2013 TYCHO DE FEYTER Car News China Chery has released two renderings of the new Chery Beta 5 concept SUV that will debut on the Shanghai Auto Show later this week. The production version of the Chery Beta 5 will be positioned above...
  2. Shanghai 2013: Chery Alpha 7 Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Chery Alpha 7 Concept unveiled before 2013 Auto Shanghai By Adrian Padeanu Apr 17, 2013 WCF Chery has unveiled last night the Alpha 7 Concept ahead of the car's debut scheduled for the end of the week at Auto Shanghai. As a reminder, they also released photos with the Beta 5 crossover concept...
  3. BIAS 2012: Chery TX and Ant Concept Cars

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    China's Chery Preview Two New Concept Models Ahead of the 2012 Beijing Auto Show APRIL 16, 2012 Carscoop The forthcoming Auto China Show 2012 in Beijing will host the world premiere of two new concept models from the country's fourth largest automaker and Jaguar-Land Rover Group's newest...
  4. Things not so peachy for Chery at DCX

    Chrysler Group Discussion Apparently not everyone in Stuttgart is thrilled about the deal that Chrysler has struck with Chery to assemble small cars for sale outside of China. Erich Kelmm is chairman of the DaimlerChrysler works council and thinks having DCX branded...