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  1. 4-d-coupes:Poll? now with chop

    European Competition
    this is not a Lincoln thread... this is Not a Lincoln thread... this is NOT a Lincoln thread*** Inspired by AutoExtremIST, Pete D'L Our "Quick Take" this week has us in a 2014 BMW 640i xDrive Gran Coupe. Sharply dressed in its shimmering Titanium Silver metallic paint and tastefully-presented...
  2. CrunkedRL's 2015 Lincoln Continental Flagship Chop

    Lincoln Discussion
    UPDATED! CrunkedRL's 2015 Lincoln Continental Flagship Chop Hey Guys I've been working on a chop of a proper Lincoln flagship (IMO) over the past few days. I used the MKZ as my "donor" car throughout most of this chop. I tried to keep the styling progressive yet conservative considering the...
  3. CrunkedRL's Quick Chop of the 2013 Ford Fusion

    Ford Car Discussion
    It should go without saying that I really like the looks of the new Fusion. The overall design gave me some inspiration for creating a coupe based upon the sleek looks of the sedan. Let me know what you guys think:D BTW does anyone know of a way that I can insert an image without you having...
  4. Created my own Chop Blog

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center What do ya think?
  5. YellowZx5 First Chop

    The Lounge
    Well all this is my first attempt to chopping, I hope I didn't break any laws or anything else. 2b2 I used your logo you came up with and hope you don't mind. I hope you all let me know how I did.
  6. chop progression: C170 Milanocus>>Milanetto5

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Started as a request elsewhere, here's a progression from the '08 Focus to a more differentiated C170 Milanetto5 as an interim small car before the domestic C2 comes online original @ 800x520 128k Focus redux click for 800x520 Milanocus larger pic is not currently...
  7. ORION - more of a striptease than a chop

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Based on web-speculation & a misleading magazine faux-pic... < clickable heavily camo'ed spypix... < click for more CarAdvice pix my new xray glasses... < clickable and a judicious amount of bourbon (cue exotic dancer music from 'Gypsy') Orion?
  8. MKS2 / MkSS [chop]

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Been surfing a lot of old MKS-concept pix and found an unusually good front shot that suggested something - just started squeezing & stretching, then drew in/out a couple things, not trying for a clean/tight chop - so please just consider/bash the design ;) original