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  1. The new Honda Civic

    Asian Competition
    Here some spy pictures of the next Civic. WARNING: these images may damage your eyes. Be careful. More here:
  2. Honda Civic Concept (10th gen) - NYC2015

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    I'll start this thread since the Civic Concept was one of the big surprises as New York aside from the Lincoln Continental Concept. This Civic Concept (thinly veiled production car) previews not only the 2-door coupe model, but shows the styling direction for the next Civic sedan as well. -...
  3. Geneva 2013: Honda Civic Tourer Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Honda Civic Tourer Concept is a Euro-Only Wagon Colum Wood Mar 03 AutoGuide Photos of the new Civic Tourer Concept have just hit the net, giving a look at an upcoming Honda wagon for the European market. While a concept, it’s most certainly headed to production, though this Civic wagon will...
  4. Honda debuts "honed" 2013 Civic

    Competition News
    By Steven J. Ewing Nov 12th 2012 Autoblog Here it is, folks – the highly anticipated "emergency refresh" of the decidedly disappointing ninth-generation Honda Civic. You know, the model that made the entire automotive media wear a collective frown. And the car that was dropped from the Consumer...
  5. Honda: Okay, We Know You Hate The New Civic, So We’ll Redesign It

    Competition News In April this year, Honda unveiled what it hoped would be the next generation of car to bear the Honda Civic badge. The ninth major revision of the Civic in its 38-year life, Honda...
  6. Frankfurt 2011: Euro-Spec Honda Civic

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    2012 Honda Civic Hatchback Unveiled Ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 Carscoop The new generation of the European market 2012 Honda Civic hatchback will make its world premiere tomorrow at the 64th International Auto Show in Frankfurt, but the Japanese company is giving us our...
  7. Honda Civic No Longer Recommended by Consumer Reports

    Competition News
    Honda Civic No Longer Recommended by Consumer Reports By Colum Wood August 1 2011 AutoGuide Honda has taken a beating from critics over its new 2012 Civic model, but the buying public could just as easily shrug off the elitists views of a few buff books were the level-headed and notoriously...
  8. 2012 Honda Civic Revealed, Si Gets 22% More Torque, HF Gets 41 MPG

    Competition News
    2012 Honda Civic Revealed, Si Gets 22% More Torque, HF Gets 41 MPG By Zach Gale February 17 2011 Motor Trend Honda is releasing a new Civic for the 2012 model year to battle ambitious entries like the Hyundai Elantra and Ford Focus. In addition to conventional sedan and coupe models, the 2012...
  9. Honda to stop selling the Civic . . . . in Japan!!!!

    Asian Competition
    Report: Honda Civic sales ending in Japan Autoblog November 15, 2010 by Steven J. Ewing According to a report from Japan's, Honda will stop selling the Civic sedan in its home market as soon as existing inventories run out. As customers shift their focus towards MPVs and more...
  10. 2012 Honda Civic shows its changes with less camo

    Competition News
    New 2012 Honda Civic comes with less camouflage By: Eber 10/10/2010 Translated: Original: The HondaCivic 2012, after appearing several times in disguise in photographs that have previously shown here in NA, appears with a smaller...
  11. Report: Ford Fiesta transaction prices higher than current Focus, Civic and Corolla

    Ford Car Discussion
    From Autoblog. With 3,050 September sales in North America, the Ford Fiesta is just now beginning to move off dealer lots. And while it's far too early to declare The Blue Oval's premium subcompact a success or failure, the folks in Dearborn have to be pleased with one crucial statistic. Car...
  12. 2012 Honda Civic Coupe Si spied for the first time!

    Competition News
    2012 Honda Civic Coupe Si spied for the first time! The all-new 2012 Honda Civic is getting closer to its introduction in 2011, and with each passing day our spies continue to find more evidence that the Japanese automaker is hard at work testing several variants of its popular compact car...
  13. 2012 Civic Image

    Asian Competition
    is this the new civic we are going to see?
  14. Mazda3 unseats the Civic as the best selling car in Canada

    Mazda Discussion
    Mazda3 unseats the Civic as the best selling car in Canada There's a battle raging over the northern border between the Mazda3 and Honda Civic: the Mazda3's 5,436 units sold in April outdid the Civic by 135, and through the end of last month the Zoom-Zoom ride leads the Honda by just 21 units...
  15. WHAT'S WRONG AT HONDA?? ...Honda delays next Civic

    Asian Competition
    Honda Delays the Next Civic - N.Y.Times May 18, 2010, 7:30 am By JERRY GARRETT The arrival of the ninth generation of the Honda’s Civic compact will be delayed from fall 2010 to at least summer 2011, it was reported Monday in Automotive News. The redesign will also carry a 2012 model year...