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  1. Fiat Still Keen on Moving Hq from Italy to the US, or so it claims

    Competition News
    Fiat Still Keen on Moving Headquarters from Italy to the USA, or so it claims MARCH 25, 2011 Carscoop In February, at an industry conference, Fiat SpA and Chrysler LLC Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne suggested that that the Italian automaker could eventually merge with its Detroit...
  2. GM Claims Victory In Cop Car Shootout By Ignoring Ford

    Competition News
    GM Claims Victory In Cop Car Shootout By Ignoring Ford Jalopnik September 21, 2010 General Motors just claimed victory in the Great American Cop Car Shootout, saying it swept three categories, including two won by the Ford Police Interceptor. How does GM back up its claim? By excluding the...
  3. 2011 Lincoln MKX gets 19/26 MPG ratings, Ford claims best-in-class

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Hybrid, Government/Legal, Crossover, Ford, Lincoln 2011 Lincoln MKX - Click above for high-res image gallery The 2011 Lincoln MKX delivers 15 percent more horsepower (305 ponies in all) and 12 percent more torque (280 pound-feet) than the outgoing model, and that added power comes...
  4. Ford claims biggest five-year fuel economy improvement among major automakers

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: According to the latest report from the Environmental Protection Agency, Ford has scored the biggest improvement in combined fuel economy of any major carmaker...
  5. Mazda Claims Top Spot in Recent Reliability Report

    Mazda Discussion
    IRVINE, Calif., February 20, 2007 – Mazda vehicles have claimed the top place in one of the world’s largest- ever reports on vehicle reliability. Nearly 92 percent of the Mazda cars studied, including the MX-5 Miata, aged between three and nine years old, suffered no mechanical failure of any...