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    Spy Shots—Mustang Caught With New Clear Taillights The shooters at KGP Photography caught a prototype for the ’15 Mustang sporting some new clear taillight lenses, providing a glimpse at what sources say is the European spec model. The white-lensed taillights look particularly clean when...
  2. Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford boosting incentives to clear out Fusion inventories Just six months after starting Fusion production at a second North American plant, Ford is raising incentives on its mid-size sedan to help clear out mounting inventories. Around many parts of the country Ford is now offering 0 percent...
  3. Ford Brand News - Global
    Spies Get Clear Look Inside the 2013 Ford Escape by Justin Berkowitz May 19, 2011 C/D Ford disagrees with the philosophy of singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson, who intoned “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.” The company’s new “One Ford” policy wisely dictates that Ford harmonize...
  4. Mercury Discussion
    Autoblog via Igor While still pre-production and apparently in an ebony/stone color theme - Very similar to the concept's. It remains to be seen if the matte black concole material is temporary or one of the (base?) trims.