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  1. Ford China Sales Continue To Climb

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford China Sales Continue To Climb Ford sales are on a steady increase and expected to be over 1 million units sold. Below are three of the most popular Ford models that are actually manufacturers in China. China sales from Jan to Sept 2014: #3 Focus: 294,304 - Up 3% #32 Kuga: 100,848 -...
  2. Ford China Sales Continue to Climb, up 37% in April and 49% for the Year

    Monthly Sales Results
    Ford Media Ford China April 2013 wholesales reach 75,331 vehicles, up 37%; year-to-date sales reach 261,927 wholesales, up 49%; CAF passenger car April 2013 wholesales reach 52,713 vehicles, up 55%; year-to-date sales up 79% with 180,719 wholesales sold. JMC commercial vehicle April 2013...
  3. Ford August Sales Climb 13% on F-Series, Escape Sales

    FIN Headline News
    Fusion and Focus Up FordInsideNews September 4, 2012 Sales PDF Sales for the Ford Motor Company in the US climbed 13%. All three sale divisions (cars, utilities, truck) saw gains in the robust month. The all-new Escape and the outgoing Fusion had their best ever August as sales soared 37...
  4. Raptor Sales Continue to Climb -

    Ford Truck Discussion
    Raptor Sales Numbers Continue to Climb - Posted by Mark Williams August 15, 2012 As the auto industry stays cautiously optimistic and pickup truck sales incrementally march on a soft upward trajectory, there are some obvious bright spots, not the least of which is the strong...
  5. Ford Quarterly Profit May Climb as Fuel-Efficient Models Gain

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Quarterly Profit May Climb as Fuel-Efficient Models Gain Bloomberg By Keith Naughton - Apr 25, 2011 Ford Motor Co. (F), the second-largest U.S. automaker, may report its largest first-quarter profit since 1998 tomorrow as fuel-efficient new models helped sales gain amid surging U.S...
  6. GM sales surge 45.8% as incentives climb

    General Motors Discussion
    GM sales surge 45.8% as incentives climb Detroit Free Press March 1, 2011 General Motors said today that U.S. sales of its cars and trucks grew 45.8% in February as it increased incentives and became more aggressive with leasing deals to draw customers. GM's incentives last month averaged...
  7. Ford adding 100 China dealers as sales climb

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Motor Co. is adding 100 dealers in China this year, mostly in smaller cities in inland provinces where new car demand is surging, the company said today. The move, more aggressive than a previously announced plan, will bring the number of Ford dealers in China to 340 by the end of the...
  8. Mercedes SLS AMG hill climb at Goodwood FOS 2010 [video]

    European Competition
    SLS AMG roars along inclined track at Goodwood in this video. Get a cockpit view of the sprint - engine growl and all. More...
  9. Porsche and Lincoln climb to top of J.D. Power 2010 Vehicle Dependability Study

    Lincoln Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: J.D. Power and Associates has just released its 2010 Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS)... and Porsche, Lincoln and Buick have climbed on the podium (Buick, Jaguar...