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  1. Vintage Ford Discussion
    MAGAZINE Features: Collectible Classic: 1949-1951 Ford December 08, 2009 By Joe Lorio Photography by Jim Fetz The American auto industry has run into a ditch, but what many people may not realize is that Ford has been in a similar position before. In 1945, when Henry Ford II finally succeeded...
  2. Vintage Ford Discussion
    :) The October 2008 issue of COLLECTIBLE AUTOMOBILE magazine [it's out now] has an excellent,in-depth Mustang II feature article by noted author and automotive historian,Patrick Foster............... --Also featured in this issue is my design participation in the creation of the Mustang II with...
  3. Vintage Ford Discussion
    :) The February 2008 [it's out now] issue of Collectible Automobile magazine has a feature article on "Designing Seventies Cars:Mission Impossible?" by noted author,Mike Lamm. --Also featured is an article I authored with illustrations--"The Disco Deco Decade:Studio Design Experiences in the...
1-3 of 3 Results