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  1. Lincoln Discussion
    I have noticed thru the fleet web sites that the 2016 model year changeover on the Fusions and MKZ are happening in Feb-April... I assume the refresh for '17 will happen earlier than later..Would the 16's just be model year name only? any words on slight changes? I originally figured May for...
    We are glad to introduce custom Coverking® seat covers for Ford models at CARiD. Unlike other universal seat covers, these are tailored for your particular model and will fit like a glove. We have custom templates for pretty much all modern year models of Ford cars, SUVs and trucks. These covers...
  3. Ford Brand News - Global
    DEARBORN, Mich. – The Ford Explorer has a new option for customers in the market for a sporty-looking utility that also raises the bar on comfort and technology without breaking the bank: enter the Appearance Package. "Customers asked for more, and this is our answer," said Matt Zuehlk, brand...
  4. Ford Car Discussion
    Courtesy of Autoblog Link: It's not likely that white, black and silver will be dethroned as the most popular color for vehicles in all the universe (have you ever seen a spaceship painted orange? We haven't either)...
  5. General Motors Discussion member, Captain Awesome, has photos of the official Camaro Paint Chip Cards ...and spent a a lot of time with different lighting & cameras more & larger at the site
  6. Ford Car Discussion
    The 2009 Color and Trim guides came out today and I got to see some of the new color swatches. These are pages of material actually painted the color of the vehicles(ahhhh the smell of fresh paint! ) Some of the colors we already know but here is the list of what we got so far thats new...
  7. Ford Corporate News
    Lincoln MKS To Premier New "Tuxedo Black" Color Ford Motor Company is filling its paint color palette for the 2008 model year with some of the trendiest hues, most expressive metallics and its largest color range ever. “People express themselves in every aspect of their lives – from the hues...
  8. Mustang Discussion
    A Ford Worker Snapped These Photos
1-8 of 10 Results