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  1. RenCen makes comeback along with its owner, GM

    General Motors Discussion
    ess than a year ago, the Renaissance Center looked like it might become Detroit's biggest vacant address. General Motors, which owns the RenCen, was going to move a huge chunk of its employees to Warren. The restaurant Seldom Blues was headed for a quick death. Now, it's turning around. GM...
  2. AutoNews: Lincoln Sees MKS As Vehicle To Drive Comeback

    Lincoln Discussion
    Lincoln sees MKS as vehicle to drive brand's comeback Amy Wilson Automotive News | June 16, 2008 - 12:01 am EST WASHINGTON — “Our Lincoln brand health is not where we want it to be,” says Pei-Wen Hsu, marketing manager for the MKS. With the 2009 MKS, Lincoln marketers say they...
  3. FoMoCoNews.Com Opinion: The Detroit Comeback

    Member Auto Reviews
    FoMoCoNews.Com Opinion: The Detroit Comeback Detroit About to Turn on the Overtake Indicator on Imports By Ndwariga (San Diego, Ca.) Since the 1970’s Detroit has been loosing market share to Japanese and to a lesser extent European automakers. There is no intention of rehashing the Detroit is...
  4. GM and Ford products on the comeback

    Ford Motor Company Discussion NEW YORK ( -- The August issue of Consumer Reports magazine contains a rare, happy surprise for Detroit - a rave review of a General Motors SUV. Consumer Reports is often seen as uniformly...
  5. Bloomberg: Ford's Focus Takes a High-Tech Tack for Comeback

    Ford Car Discussion
    Ford's Focus Takes a High-Tech Tack for Comeback By Doron Levin June 25 (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co. thinks it finally has a chance to crack the small-car market, and not a moment too soon. This fall Ford will begin selling the second generation of the Focus, a compact that hasn't fared...
  6. Ford's comeback effort still sputtering

    Ford Corporate News
    February sales worse than projection; Fields still confident automaker on track to meet goals. Bryce G. Hoffman / The Detroit News DEARBORN -- Ford Motor Co. received more bad marks on its latest internal report card, but Ford Americas President Mark Fields told employees Wednesday that he is...