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  1. Reading Mean YouTube Comments: AutoGuide 2014

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  2. Feedbacks, Questions and Comments
    Hi guys, We know that there is a certain amount of posts and threads related to our products and service. Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate and address all the questions, comments, or reviews left in regards of CARiD by this time. We decided to open a separate thread for such...
  3. Good Ford News: ‘Top Ten’ Comments On Ford Motor Company’s

    Ford Corporate News
    GOOD NEWS! July 27, 2007 ‘TOP TEN’ COMMENTS ON FORD MOTOR COMPANY’S 2007 SECOND-QUARTER FINANCIAL RESULTS “The results show the power of one plan, increasingly common processes … an unsentimental readiness to jettison anything that detracts from the core and clear, simple business logic …...
  4. Detroir News: Ford bashes Obama for Big 3 comments

    Ford Corporate News
    Mackinac Policy Conference Ford bashes Obama for Big 3 comments David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau MACKINAC ISLAND -- Expressing the frustration of many domestic automakers, Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. took aim Thursday at one of the industry's tormentors --...